Woman of the Yi ethnic group performs during a talent show of a traditional beauty contest at Xichang City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, July 23, 2014. The beauty contest is one of the most important activities during the annual Torch Festival at Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. It can date back to over 1,000 years ago in the history of the Yi ethnic group.


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Delicious, very sweet, sticky and warm, one bowl was way too much for one person, and nobody eats the pineapple bowl, but for ten RMB, just under 2 USD, it was really great to try out ^_^

Jinli Street is a revamped commercial street from ancient times, which is now a tourist area filled with local Sichaun artisans selling their traditional crafts, and a whole side street featuring cheap local/traditional snacks stalls (with English menus~)

Meat-Free Friday

So far I have mainly been eating pumpkin soup(/babyfood) due to my overzealous cook off mid week! …now that’s run out its really time to start experimenting a bit with some new veggies. I am wondering how many new ones I can rack up during the month. Last night I went out to my favourite Sichuan restaurant and though I had to skip most of my favourite meat filled dishes, luckily they had some beautiful snow pea leaves (i didnt even know these existed as a dish) that we requested cooked without chicken broth. Other highlights We also had sichuan beans and asparagus, yum yum yum.