anonymous said:

in a totally platonic way like friends and such what is the easiest way to your heart

tbh i suck at friends like tumblr friends for are me mildly knowing someone and maybe having a hat trick joke like with sixfigs and the skeletons

i really like playing minecraft and thats how i became better friends with dax i think. i got to know a few others through cosplay stuff

idk im really not good at keeping in touch like?? talking to me is an every so often thing and i dont mean to ignore people but i dont always reply or ill think i replied but i forgot and stuff idk tbh trying to forge a friendship with me isn’t always the best idea it’s probably one of the worser ones

but if you still really wanna i really like minecraft. like im always down for minecraft. either talking about it or playing im always down yeah

edit: i forgot to mention that i also enjoy discussing kinks if you’re into that stuff but its in no way mandatory ever