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can you do a shoutout to your favorite ape escape mutuals? I wanna follow more peeps :3c

They’re all my favourites. The whole bunch, Anon!
I’ve never done this before, but I’ll try to get everyone I love in here…


crabbybeachmonkeyzhelanie possumato rukomura sfigatozumii sicarina  unbreakable-wayfinder roboticzgooie saber-chan theshirtlessgibbby zerkjo thebaronofeggs  minandres lilynee madamlunar midnightangelcedric techiewidget alicenyans ladyopower tharjashotass ashie9boo3 quassieopia akaitsukiithatpsychicfacadebringerofbadpunsbunnyravioecokittymaskedmiracleredonkulousitytarabunzak-bagelsdannystjohnhesgotacookie

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An extra special shout out to a few familiar faces you see their artwork from on Pixiv that are also overseas! They are very sweet, loving, hilarious and kind, so go say hello!! c:


♥ ♥ ♥

There must be a lot more that I haven’t even met yet, or are already following me that I haven’t gotten to know at all just yet. Let’s try to change that in the future! > v < /


Just sharing these Bomberman Land gifs I made 10 months ago which was supposed to fit in to my Bomberman flash fanfic.

The fanfic lasted for 5 minuites already but I discontinued it because it hurts my entire body. I’ve been working on that for straight 2 months and.. No, I don’t want to remember that again.

So there you go! Have some bouncing Bombermans in your dashboard!

Nothing special.. But I just had to post this before I went off to bed.


IT’S 3:42 A.M. DUDE.


Heheh well I’ve actually slept for 5 straight hours this evening and now I’m having problems to sleep tonight.

Feels like insomnia aaah

… Nevermind.