God be with ye!

After two weeks of vacation, today we sent off my stepson to Hawaii, back to his station, before his deployment to Afghanistan. It’s a scary feeling for all of us and our strength relies on our faith to God, that He’ll take care of him while he’s away on that unknown country, which we could only picture as a war-torn one basing on the news that we constantly hear. It pains my heart to see him go and know that inside that big man is a scared boy, fearing what life would be like on his first deployment as a US serviceman. Of course, the rest of him is a man, a soldier, full of ideals, dedicated to fight for his country. It also tears me apart just thinking what my husband must be feeling now, as his dad, to let go of him and think of the next 6 to 7 months that he’ll be away. Starting today each end of the month will be counted and looked forward to. “Goodbye” at this time is the most difficult thing to say. “Good luck” sounds even strange. So, as we hugged goodbye the best I could say is “God be with you!” And with faith and hope in our hearts, we’re looking forward to his next visit home. -SLA

October 22, 2011 Saturday

I’ve always love writing letters and sending cards since I was a kid. I can’t describe the excitement it gives me with just the simple act of picking cards for special occasions and even for no reason at all, the thrill of sealing an envelope and licking:) a stamp and going to the post office. And, the leap in my heart every time I get something in the mail… it’s just me, I guess. But, how I love it! -SLA

November 02, 2011 Wednesday

I believe that things are getting better and the future looks even brighter from my side, so, starting today I'm gonna greet each day with anticipation of the great promise that it brings. :) - SLA
"Aurora or Barangay" in October the Rosary Month

Aurora means dawn.

Barangay is a native Filipino term for a village or district.

Hearing these words bring vivid memories of childhood and young adult life of going around the town, during the month of October, every year, praying the rosary along with my family, friends and neighbors.

As a kid, we did it after dinner time, bringing  along our “suo" or kerosene lamp made from empty bottles or bamboos, kerosene and coconut husk. In my young age, I was so amazed with how the lamps glowed and lighted the dark roads during the procession for there were few households with electricity at those times. With my short strides trying to catch up with the adults around me, I sang "Ave Maria" and recited the Rosary. And that’s how we did "barangay" in the old days, it was called that way because it’s done by district in our small town. And then, as time progresses we started using candles,too, when it became more available in our town because a lot of people started making it. Of course, I still opt for the "suo" , not only because it lasted longer and it’s brighter but, also because it brought wonderful memories of this Catholic devotion/tradition. 

We also call it “Aurora"  because this Rosary around town is also done at dawn every day for the whole month.


October 1, 2011


People Watching. It’s interesting to just sit down in a corner and watch the world by observing everyone within your eyesight. Someone on the phone speaking his native language, someone on the other side reading a book, couples talking, kissing, hugging, eating and even sleeping on a blanket. Expressions… someone smiling, frowning, laughing, angry, teary and just plain bored. Someone with a dog, with a man, with a kid, with a girl, with a parent or with a friend? Someone dressed in LBD, in shorts, in jeans, even in pajamas. Ahhh… how quick the day went by when you’re just sitting in a corner and having fun:) -SLA

Washington DC (November2009)

November 08, 2011 Tuesday

After more than a year, today, I took the bus again.

I was on the bus stop for 30 minutes not minding the chilly Autumn breeze, just taking everything in. As soon as my right foot touched the first step of Bus#101, I felt the excitement rushing in, I knew I was smiling from ear to ear as I happily chatted with the lady driver while dropping my $1.75 worth of quarters in the paying machine. I then chose a window seat and gazed at the scenery outside as if it’s my first time seeing it when in fact I’ve been on this way a thousand times on a car. I don’t know what’s with buses and me. I guess it always brings back wonderful memories of trips that I took on my own years ago in my country(Philippines) and when I first came here(in Washington DC). I always get the feeling of freedom and independence just by being on it, such a wonderful feeling that I never get tired of savoring every time I hop on the bus wherever I am, to a new destination or my usual route, tired or not, hungry or full. Bus lover? I guess, I am! - SLA


Fall in one of my bus stops @ Washington DC(November 2009)

Today is my Tatay's(dad) birthday. In memory of him I bought this one for myself, I remember that he used to love his classic All Star a whole lot. He not only wore it during basketball game but also whenever he's going off somewhere to see his friends or when he travels, so, I thought that must be really a comfortable shoes. Every time he worn out one, he'll get another one, same exact one. So, when I tried one yesterday, I felt it's just perfect, I've always wanted one, as a kid I thought it's only for boys/men, then when I realized it's not, it was during those times that you have to go for your needs first, meaning: I couldn't afford it:). Now, since it's my birthday month, too, I decided to get one and the happy thing about it my favorite warehouse shoe store gave me a $10.00 gift plus another 30% off from the clearance price, there's no doubt the shoes' for me AND in my favorite color!!! Yay!

It’s never too late to get something you’ve always dreamed of having, especially it sort of reminds you and connects you to a special person and memory… one off from the wish list!!! :) Happy, happy Birthday to us, Tay! I know you’re just here. We love you and miss you and you know that so well.-SLA

November 12,2011 Saturday

Luann by Greg Evans

Yes! It sure feels like a pair of jeans. Sometimes you don’t want to get rid of the tattered ones because they’re so comfortable and the new ones gives you an uncomfortable feeling. But then, you come to realize, after a while of wearing it, it gets comfy and actually fits better than the older one:) -SLA

October 30, 2011 Sunday