askinnylover answered your questionShould I or should I not?

if my parents will allow me, i’ll go. and give them assurance that nothing bad will happen again.

blasteddreams answered your questionShould I or should I not?

I think you should come to replace the bad memories. I mean, if you don’t you might succumb to that bad memories of the past…

thepauperstale answered your questionShould I or should I not?

maybe you should go? Just to reconcile with the old happenings, that you have to face until it doesn’t bother you anymore…

shylallala answered your questionShould I or should I not?

I believe that whatever your parents say, that is the right thing to do. I dont mean they know everything, but they know what is best for you

Hello Ericka! Keep reading, i wish to make you smile. And btw, remember na okay lang i-insist sa parents natin kung anong gusto natin but always remember na as their daughters we follow what they ask us to do, okay lang sabihin yung gusto natin sa kanila, pero consider everything they say, always. Im not a perfect daughter, but I can always say my parents always want what is best for me. ♥

Thank you girls. I appreciate you replying in my last post and giving some advice. I believe you all are right. But I realized that I was the one who wasn’t ready. I still haven’t moved on from the incident, maybe next time I can come with them. Yeah, I’m quite sure that next time I will be able to come back there :) Oh, and I didn’t try asking permission to my parents because I, myself, have decided not to go. Thank you so much Ayah, Steph, Ry and Shyla <3

shylallala asked:

Hello Ms Euphemia, thank you for all the wonderful comments and kind words, i really did appreciate it :') i am interested to be part of The Sanguine Project I can make typographies and photographies for you. I am currently part of Tumblr Philippines, blogging and writing for them. It would be my pleasure being part of this awesome blog. Good vibes and God bless! ♥

Thank you so much for wanting to help The Sanguine Project out. I’ll contact you soon, OK? And I’m really glad you appreciated The Sanguine Project’s effort to make you smile. Have a nice day ahead. Smile! :)

- Euphemia

shylallala asked:

Hi i saw you're looking for moderators here? :) do you guys shoot all the photos blogged here?

Yes, we are looking for additional moderators. :) Most photos are reblogged from fellow tumblr bloggers while others are shared from outside resources.

Lahat ng Tomasino dadaan dito.

Hello! I was at the Educ building for a seminar kanina. The seminar started around 1pm, hindi pa umuulan nun. Then around 2pm since nasa 4th floor kami naririnig na namin na malakas ang ulan. A friend of mine texted me na baha na sa baba, at first hindi ako naniwala kasi parang 10 minutes pa lang naulan. Then naisip ko possible nga since tinaasan na naman nila yung roads sa side ng UST. So i decided to look and see it on my own. Here are some photos I took kanina (view from the top of Albertus Magnus Building).

Then around 3pm suspended na yung class. We all have two choices (1) to wait until mawala yung baha (but what if worst scenario comes, tumaas pa lalo ang baha) and (2) to go down, start walking under the rain, and maglakad sa baha. 

Since I live at Lacson street, I decided na maglalakad na lang ako sa baha, baka mamaya hindi bumaba ang baha, ma-stranded pa ako dito!!!

Buti pa si ate med, prepared. Siguradong hindi nya matatapakan yung mga bagay na lumulutang sa baha :|

Reminders: Bawal maglakad sa baha kapag may open wound!!! Matakot ka sa infection, and dumi dumi ng baha huhuhu.

So maliit, matangkad, mayaman, mahirap, maganda, pangit, payat, mataba, professor, estudyante, basta Tomasino ka darating at darating ang oras na kelangan mo na din maglakad sa baha. Dahil hindi ka talaga Tomasino kung hindi mo mararanasan maglakad sa baha.

Time check 9:39pm meron pa ding stranded sa loob ng UST. Sana ay bumaba na ang baha at makauwi na sila. God bless everyone.

Kung naranasan mo na ‘to, Tomasino ka nga, Hello!

Love Desserts ♥

Hi, sa totoo lang nagdi-diet talaga ako para sa graduation picture ko, hehe. But one of my friends was super depressed this day kaya my friends and i decided to go for some sweets.

Take note, unlimited desserts yung naisipan naming punthanan, huhuhaha! But would you believe 200php lang lahat ‘to.

Hello there, may crepe!!! Yes mahilig ako sa crepe, so if you feel the same way, go here kasi you could eat all the good flavors of crepe you want :D

Shempre hindi lang puro sweet foods yung andito, kelangan din ng other variant para hindi naman nakaka-umay :))

And here’s the fruit section, hindi ako naka-kuha ng madaming photo kasi I spend least of my time here, hehe!

So who doesn’t want ice cream at all? :’)

Well, those were few photos I took while I was there, I hope I had just initiated you to try this place too. A place where you can satisfy your appetite, hihi. Breathe, take a break! ♥

Lights at Luneta

Nung nakita namin ‘to, I remembered the dancing water show i first saw sa Hong Kong. 

There were 2 ore 3 songs played, the water danced into the beat. I wonder why I haven’t read any advertisements  about this, akala ko ba IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! I mean nung nasa Hong Kong ako, all the people waits for this show to start and they would even spend there 30minutes watching the show..

By the way, we were here kasi my youngest brother haven’t been here (he’s the guy wearing red, my 10year old cutiepie). I was also here with my friends last April and there was a mini amusement park around here, I wanted to show them kaso wala na pala hehe

So here’s the train na umiikot ikot around Luneta, though the ride isn’t free, just another stuff to do while you’re here :)

I don’t know if I can call this an aviary hahaha! Pero I think hindi, kasi it is not a closed area, basta there were these cute houses of doves, at first akala talaga namin hindi sila totoo kasi hindi sila umaalis sa place nila, then lumapit kami they were moving, some doves were even at the top of the roof! :)

And this was the last thing we saw :)

Actually mabilis lang kami dito, not even an hour gabi na kasi and we’re still heading back to Batangas ♥ 

Old Days to Tomorrows

I tried to read all the stuff I had accomplished and failed to finish, plans and meetings, activities I’ve been through, home works I had to do, notes to remember, doodles during class, random lists, and many more..

It just feels good to know that my life is moving, and that everyday I got to think of what’s gonna happen to me in the future. More than it, I’m so happy that there’s a good change, little by little, I know and I can see it.

What’s important is I’m moving forward into a better tomorrow, well, I think that is how life should really be. After the long day, there must be something we learned.

Tomorrow is another chance for good start! ♥


6/3/2013  Monday

Hi, first time ko talagang magkaroon ng anniversary with somebody special. And i really want to share kung gaano ako kasaya having a special someone right by my side :’)

Since pareho kaming mahilig kumain we went to Vikings at MOA. We arrived exactly 11am so we did not have to wait so long :)

Btw, we’re lucky na we were the first sa walk in people. I forgot to call for a reservation kasi haha, so if you plan to come remember to call first para sure na you wouldn’t wait long din :)

This is another reason why I believe na soul mates kami, even if madami kaming pinagkaiba and even if we keep on fighting (minor fights, random moods) there are always things na we enjoy to do together.

Here you go, an ootd photo haha! Please don’t judge, i know i’m fat huhuhu!

Since hindi nag work yung original plan namin, pupunta sana kami sa Spa, haha kaso pareho pala kaming gutom so umabot kami ng 2:30pm sa loob (nasira yung diet plan ko huhuhu haha) kaya ang nangyari sa halip na sa Spa kami pumunta ng Movie na lang kami, mahilig din kami mag movie, usually kapag bored ako niyaya ko sya :)

Since around 5pm na natapos yung movie, medyo late na, kelangan nya pang bumalik sa Cavite kasi tomorrow is his first day and shempre kelangan ko na din umuwi agad (i got 9:30pm curfew). So we decided to just shop at least one na lang muna. Exchange gift kami, I buy for him, and he buys for me hihi.

Actually he doesnt want me to wear dresses and skirts most of the time, he always insist for a pants, pero to be honest I don’t wear pants unless kelangan hehe.

Before leaving, I gave this cross-stitch I made during my spare time. Actually it wasn’t that hard, kasi before gumagawa na talaga ako ng ganito, but not for anyone. This was not really something na I planned, biglaan ko lnag nakita while passing a craft store boutique sa mall, then ang cute talaga, i thought this would look nice inside his room, a cute inspiration during his late nights studying for med exams.

If you read this post, thank you! I am happy writing things about my life. I have never been this happy before, I am blessed in so many ways. Thank God! God bless everyone  ♥

Who's hungry?

So who’s excited to eat? And who eats a lot? Drop by here!!!!

Yes, meron mga raw foods dito to be grilled right in front of you, and shempre ikaw mismo mag-grill. Choose which ever you like, madaming choices, cook everything on your first time!!! :)

Hi there pineapple tart ♥

My friend played these gummies!!! She said it tastse good naman daw haha!

Yeah, I always get all the sweets! Everytime na bumabalik kami dito, well, what do you expect I’m a sweet lover hihi.

There are rice, Filipino viands, pasta, fish (various seafoods) here, and shempre sushi!!!

Well, sobrang daming foods inside Yakimix na for sure ma-eenjoy nyo! Sorry I do not have so many photos here kasi this wasn’t our first time here and we went here to eat a lot lang talaga, a lotttttttt. So sinulit lang namin yung time..

Hope you guys try this one if you haven’t been here :)

3 hours of worth living, Eat all you can ♥

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My girl, My Everything by Jan Karlo Licuan (Original Composition)

This is an original composition of my boyfriend. He made this when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I always believe that one day there will be this guy who would come unexpectedly on my way. It’s a long story, but believe me, this is what DESTINY means.

From strangers with different attitudes into lovers with one goal ♥

Just another throwback while listening to this song :’)