1. a) (posting so everyone can know about it) So there’s a bunch of extensions that are meant to trick websites into thinking we’re from the US - none of them have worked for me but they’ve worked for people I know so try proxmate, mediahint or tunnelbear (a VPN - you download the program). I’m still working on finding one for me, but these all do firefox too :)
b) There is this link here to watch the full episode of Oeuf that aired in Korea (click ‘continue as a free user’) - I hadn’t wanted to because it is covered in logos and has Korean subtitles on it but I can’t wait anymore so I’m just about to watch it.

2. Hannibal beaten up is from the Amuse-Bouche promo, however I don’t know which future episode it will be in. I believe the scene in the webisode was simply part of that episode, we hadn’t seen it before so it’s alluding to the killing Hannibal is doing offscreen.

3. I have watched Evangelion but to be honest it was so long ago I have forgotten much of what it was about, aside from the fact that I loved it. What similarities do you see? Jog my memory, it sounds interesting!

Finally saw Hop

I finally saw Hop tonight!!! And it was just as I had expected. Brilliant when it came to the chicks. Yawn-worthy when it came to the “storyline”. And really….whats up with the ending?

Sorry but if not for the chickens this movie would have been a waste of money for me. The chickens and the pink barrettes. Cause the storyline, ESPECIALLY the ending… no no noche -_- 

Next week: Arthur! 

shwinlewin official layout version 1.0!

Finally got around my lazy ass to properly making a layout for my tumblr and of course it features my Queen: Lee Hyori~ 

This will be the main layout for a while (not because I’m lazy) because after this break I’ll be mad busy with school and moving and then the summer time I won’t be here or with internet rather. I’ll be on a sabbatical from the internet!~


So yea I’ll try to squeeze in a few gifs if inspired~~ But can’t make any promises. 

BUT I will make official hiatus post before I go internet less. God help me~~~ 

Sex and the City censored? Blasphemy!

My friend told me Sex and the City is shown again on network television but instead it’s censored.


That show. No forget the show but my Highness: Samantha Jones…does she even get shown (considering how much she swears AND has SEX?! )? 

And with that said I went on my episodes bookmarked to create the perfect Samantha Jones edit ;) Look out for them baby :D