Summertime Sunburns

Your first float trip was a wonderful experience in many ways. You went with a huge group, around eighty in all, and knew about twenty-thirty of them. The heat was intense that summer and the spray coming off of the river was really nice. Add in the laughter of friends, the lukewarm beers, and the half-melted ice in the coolers sloshing around and you were in one of those days you knew would always be a happy memory. Unfortunately, drinking on the river all day made your forget to re-apply sunscreen so when you got back to the campsite that night, you found yourself dealing with one of the worst sunburns of your life. You were red and sore and could barely move. Your shoulders, chest, and back were the worst, but everything that hadn’t been covered by your thin tank top and soft, spandex shorts was at least somewhat burned. Thankfully, you had a hat on all day so your face wasn’t too bad. But god, you hurt.

Your sister took one look at you and sent you to her boyfriend’s tent, instructing you to look in her green bag for the first aid kit. You tracked down the aloe and returned to the tent you were sharing with two of the guys and your best friend. You’d been a last minute entry to the trip and hadn’t actually met the guys you were sharing a tent with yet. Letting your friend know what you were doing, you zipped up the tent and stripped down to your swimsuit to get as much fabric out of the way as possible and began applying the aloe, starting at your calves and moving up your body, rubbing the aloe in all the way and then leaving another light layer over your skin to soak in. When you hit your thighs, you heard the zipper of your tent and you turned in time to see a guy enter.

“Oh, sorry,” he said, immediately turning his face away. “Are you, um, are you staying in this tent too?” He was shy, his cheeks lightly tinged, his brown eyes glancing at you and turning away again.

“Y-yeah.” You were suddenly aware of how little clothes you had on as you looked up at him. He seemed unsure of whether he should stay or go so you gave him your name in the hope that he would choose to stay. He was cute and muscle-y, with a couple tattoos, short hair, and some peach fuzz.

“I’m Liam,” he answered, still seeming unsure. You felt a sudden surge of confidence and turned your back on him.

“Could you help me?” You asked, holding out the aloe behind you. “My back hurts pretty badly and I really can’t reach it.” He was silent for a second and then you felt your cot shift as he sat behind you. His touch was light at first, his fingers massaging your shoulders gingerly. As he moved down your back, he became more confident, moving with greater purpose and his touch stronger. There was a lot of strength in his hands; you could feel it. Your back was burned pretty badly so he took his time. It was nearly a sensual experience. With just enough alcohol in your veins, you slid into his touch and closed your eyes, just allowing yourself to enjoy the feeling.

“Tell me about yourself,” You said, your voice low and a soft moan slipping out as his strong fingers massaged the base of your neck. You curled your back, giving him more access.

“I’ve got two sisters.” His voice was muted, low and careful. “I haven’t declared my major yet but I just started so I’ve got time, ya know? I’m awful with geography though, so that’s out.” You laughed a little. “But what about you?” As you began talking, his hands moved from your back over your arms. You didn’t complain though. His strong hands felt wonderful and the aloe was helping.

You told him a little about your major and how passionate you were about it and how you just wanted to move to Europe—you’d been in Italy the previous summer and wanted to go back and see everything you’d missed. And that was only the start. As you were rambling about the beauty of the isle of Capri, you felt a soft touch, feather light, on the back of your neck. You turned to him, meeting his eyes fully for the first time and noticing just how deep they were.

“You know, you’re beautiful,” he said, his gaze a little bit lazy. You wondered just how much he had had to drink that day; you knew you were a little drunk but nothing you couldn’t handle. You wondered about him though.

“Yeah, I do know,” you answered, quirking an eyebrow up at him.

“Confident?” He asked, simply impressed. His eyes grazed over you again.

“Intimidated?” You were flirting blatantly.

“Just as much as you want me to be. But not quite enough to be afraid to ask if I can kiss you.” You took a second to look at his lips, plump and moist, before nodding and pressing your lips to his. His lips were just as soft as they looked and his touch was gentle, his hand on your face. You kissed him for a minute longer before he tried to lay you back. Then your sunburn protested and you jumped back up, moving out of his reach.

“I’m sorry,” he said immediately, holding his hands up. “Did I do something wrong?” You shook your head, your cheeks tinged with embarrassment.

“The sunburns,” you explained, shifting uncomfortably.

“I’ve got an idea.” He sat up and dug around in his bag, pulling out a soft, worn shirt and handing it to you. You slipped it on and found yourself more comfortable than you ever did with a sunburn; the fabric was light and breathable but still soft enough that it didn’t settle on your burns. “Helps?” you nodded, smiling at him. It was late, the only light coming into the tent from the campfire outside. You were tired from the burns leeching your strength and you told him as much. He took it as a hint to leave but that’s not what you meant.

“Do you want to lay with me?” you asked, shifting over on the cot. He was extremely eager, laying down on the cot and adjusting you next to him so that the only parts of you lying against him were unburned—your head was on his arm and his other arm was slung along your stomach.

“Do you wanna go on the river with me tomorrow?” he asked, placing a soft kiss on the side of your head. Tomorrow was a free day, some groups were going into town, a couple others were going kayaking, there was even a group heading into the forest for some hiking.

“What do you suggest we do?” You asked back, relaxing into his chest.

“Swimming, drinking… I could think of a couple other things maybe,” he answered, chuckling and kissing the side of your head.

“Uh, huh, other things?” You asked, laughing with him softly and turning your head to meet his lips once more. You fell asleep in his arms, your burns forgotten and your heart content.

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i knowwwwwww. the media perpetuated the whole “new mariah carey” mess and lowkey’s just sad because even though mariah is a legend and can’t be touched some of her lambs are truly pressed, like shutup and enjoy the music :(

 The Media and Tricycle can suck my ass. I agree. Mariah is a legend. Ariana is just a talented young pop star at the moment. She’s one of the best  if not the best vocally among her own peers but Mariah is at another level and not in Ariana’s peer or age group so nothing Ariana has done or will ever do will effect Mariah or her fame in a negative way or any way at all. 

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What are you going with medical physics; I never fully understood the application of physics in medicine

Awwwww yiss let’s talk medical physics! I loves me some medical physics.

It’s all about making machines and devices using physicsy things to help people. The best example is the laser. When they made that they had no idea what it was for. They were just “hey look it’s a thing no we don’t have applications shut up and fund us” and now it’s used in laser eye surgery, other surgeries that don’t give you laser eyes and I use one to fabricate my stuff.

Physicists figured out the X-Ray, and physicists designed the MRI and the ECG (well that was an engineer, but he used physics) and pulse oximeters and the ultrasound and basically any machine that goes BING is part of medical physics.

I use physics principles of plasmonics (which I’ve talked about here) to try and make disease detection better, that kind of thing happens a lot, physics helping biology because biologists have to figure out antibodies and let me tell you, that shit is complicated. The best science happens where the disciplines cross over!