itunes keeps shuffling around Words Words Words and What. and i just have to say

i love both Words Words Words and What. i can’t say which is better.

I like WORDS WORDS WORDS because it’s so witty and who doesn’t like to watch Bo recite Shakespeare and perform “Art is Dead”? and his stand up in WWW is so solid and clever.

and i like WHAT. because you can tell it was very well thought out and he shows people how he feels about certain things (like in the songs “Repeat Stuff” [his view on pop stars], “We Think We Know You” [which is very very personal but well performed], and “The Perspective of God” [which is self explanatory]

some parts of What are better than some parts in WWW, and some stuff in WWW is better than some stuff in What. both specials are great, i can’t pick a favorite. also it is very generous of Bo to release What. to the public for free. that way everyone can view it and if it were to be on Comedy Central, a lot of it would be cropped out so CC can play commercials in between.

so yeah. good job, bo

iamtheblacksacrament-deactivate asked:

Share ten facts about yourself and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers :)

Thank you :D

I have the tendency to over think things 

I love to draw Drew Tanaka 

Hermes is my father

I wish i was a Waterbender 

I dont like the PJO movies

I love the official pjo art

it is my birthday in 2 weeks today

i have my ear pierced

i am wearing a fury parka haha 

  • Me:Wow the PS4 looks really promising with its upcoming exclusives
  • PC gamer:PC has many more and better exclusives
  • Me:Hey that new phone looks cool
  • PC gamer:You're wasting your money get a PC.
  • Me:That thing is nice
  • PC gamer:PC. Better.
  • Me:....
  • PC gamer:..... PC