• Rick Riordan:*writes about 5 dozen straight couples of main, side, and even background characters whose love lives don't really need to be mentioned in his books*
  • Rick Riordan:*ignores all the queerness of the Greek/Roman mythology he bases his books on*
  • Rick Riordan:*includes one queer kid much later who hates himself over it, isn't given the "happy couple" status of literally almost every straight character, and is FORCED to come out as a plot point for some shitty plot device*
  • Rick Riordan:Lmao not to brag but im super inclusive.

godbless i told my little brother awhile ago not to use the word “gay” as an offensive adjective and he’s on xbox live and i just heard him telling his friend, “stop calling things or people gay. gay is not a word used to call something stupid, it should only be used if someone actually is gay” I DID SOMETHING RIGHT AS A SISTER

I know yall think it’s funny to headcanon Piper calling Annabeth an assortment of strange names (octopus, bread, mushroom, whatever) under the guise of “romantic french talk” or Reyna to talk dirty to Piper in Spanish and have it actually be a Chinese menu or something *pointed look at Sara*

but hear me out

Piper talking to Annabeth in French, right before a terribly scary mission. Annabeth stares at her for a moment and goes, naively, “that means ‘good luck and kick some butt, darling’, right?” And Piper nods, throat tightening, because what she’s actually said is “i cant live without you, please be safe”

Or when Reyna dirty talks to Piper, it’s not about stupid food items at all, but whispered, “i fucking hate you Piper McLean, but I cant fucking survive without you”. And then Reyna goes, “I said you were desperate for it, you needy little brat”

U.U thank you

Shameless selfie time?
Guys I haven’t worked out in 3 weeks and rugby just started and my arms are tiny and help I’m gonna die.

Ps: body confidence is a wonderful thing. I know I’m not that great looking but I feel pretty good. I’ve gotten more and more confident recently despite the fact that my body is a piece of poop compared to others. But yeah. Wheeeeeee

Also. What even is my hair doing.

we see the electric century shirt u little shit you think u and ur new band can just release a single and drop off the edge of the planet no note bed empty car gone no news whatsoever and come back half a fucking year later with a picture on ur instagram that’s captioned with “Laundry!” like ur tryin to be slick or somethin???!????? we see u mikey way and we want answers