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Hi Boa, lately I've been having some trouble picking out colors for a painting. Do you mind giving any tips/tricks for building a color palette? Thank you. ( I love your designs - squeals (≧∇≦))

Resource time!

Terreverte did a great and comprehensible writeup on color and light that I can really recommend.

A post that neatly sums up everything can be found here. Itchy animation has made a great tutorial compilation on how light affects objects and color too.

Also this video called “Understanding Colours" is really good.

If you like art books, I can recommend Color and Light by James Gurney. He also has a blog over here. Also from his blog are his articles about Gamut Mapping and while they might be confusing at first, they really helped me pick colors, especially because I love to clash many bright and vibrant colours in one image.

This Dota2 character design guide talks about colors and color matching to draw the heroes and it shows how interesting and diverse color combinations can be.

And finally, paletton, a side to create easy color palettes.

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Hey Boa I just wanted to ask, how long did it take you to find your "drawing style"? And how, in your opinion, do you develop such style? Thank you for your time you are amazing and an inspiration!!

This is a tough question, Anon, because I still don’t feel like I arrived somewhere I am 100% content with my style. I found things I like in it, but I am still growing and evolving. But I am going to try and answer as best as I can!

Finding my art style has been all about emulating artists I love, even from the very start. I took the things I loved from their art and used them in my art. At the beginning, this looked horrendously bad, because I was simply copying features instead of understanding why they use these simplification for reality. But after I started doing more anatomy studies I could understand why artists use certain shorthands for their drawings. 

What you like and enjoy will always influence what you do. This can be artists, media, a certain feeling you are going for. I posted the influence map before and it is a really great guide on what artists influenced me.

Alessandro Barbucci’s W.I.T.C.H. was after the manga I read in my early teens a huge influence on me. I also learned a lot and was influenced by both Makani and Forbis in the Harry Potter fandom. Webcomic artists like Tyson Hesse and Lelenia soon joined the artists I really look up to. They style I draw in now came natural over time, formed from constantely drawing and comparing my art to the things I like. It’s not something I really consciously worked for. Don’t fret style and don’t think it has a set timer. Growth will happen while you draw, so keep drawing and you’ll slowly grow into the artist you want to be.