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You’re Like Manchester (I Love You) by John Shuttleworth

The first Ubuntu smartphones will launch later this year, Mark Shuttleworth has confirmed.

Two manufacturers, China based Meizu and Spanish OEM BQ Readers, are both set to release Ubuntu-powered handsets at some point ‘within 2014′. 

You see, a multimillionaire and his (as yet) financially struggling corporation, can fund their own Chinese hardware and risk their own financial capital. No fleecing of the public or corporate welfare required. Just roll into Shenzhen, place an order for 10K units, and the hardware is out the factory in a month or two. (Charbax does this all the time for his little Shenzhen device venture)

I will also say, that if you pay more than $400 max for these devices, and assuming they are high-end devices priced in that 300-400-ish range, it is still a rip-off.

A good screen, quadcore MediaTek or RockChip or HiSilicon etc CPU/GPU and Huawei 4G baseband with all the bells and whistles, shouldn’t cost them more than (worst case scenario) $200-250 tops… unless they are really bad at negotiations with OEMs… which unfortunately, does seem to be the case historically.

They do have the whole Ubuntu Kylin thing though, so if they knew how to play their cards “Chinese-style” (bribery) they could politically exert some downward pressure on those prices. The Chinese have been looking for many domestic solutions not reliant upon Google, Apple et al (they recently forked and re-themed Android and claimed it was an own creation or whatever). So with that and the reality of Kylin, some cash to grease the palms and a little political gamesmanship, they could totally rock this one… if they weren’t such bad negotiators and business-people.

The fact that a multimillionaire begged for money from the public in the first place, when he has now shown that he could have done it all on his own is rather insulting and has soured me to this whole escapade.

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Is OMG Ubuntu lying to us?

So, let’s think about it.

Around the internet-sphere there where some polls regarding the preferred DE between Unity, Gnome-Shell, Gnome 2.0, LX/XFCE, and so and so…

Here you have the results:

Italian polls (remember: this are two ubuntu oriented websites):

- Pollycoke poll, 204 people, with multiple choice, the results are this:

- LFFL poll, 819 people. Only the 20% (green color) chose Unity:

Spanish polls:

- Muylinux poll, 2.554 people, only the 15% chose Unity:

That means that 75% of users prefer another DE.

English polls:

- Techrepublic poll, about 10.665 people. Unity obtained only the 22% while Gnome Shell the 57%:

So, for the entire world is clear that Ubuntu users don’t like Unity. When they told this to Mark Shuttleworth he answered in this way:

"There is a bit of a myth that power users don’t like and aren’t interested in usability and ease-of use, I think that’s nonsense."

Sure Mark, the polls are nonsense. In fact we all must believe on you and the fanboys from ああっ女神さまっUbuntu! Their polls are more sophisticated. Have OMGUbuntu unique readers?

OMG Ubuntu Polls:

About 15.000 people. Unity has the 47%.

And they tell us that there “is a domino effect of miss-information"…

by anonimoconiglio.