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Soulmate AU in which Harry, Niall and Zayn are destined to be together, and having two soulmates might not be as difficult as Niall thought it would be.

His name is scribbled on there in quite a messy scrawl compared to Harry’s neat writing -he should have listened to his mum when she told him to practise his writing a bit more- and for the second time that day, Niall’s breath catches.

“Can I?” he asks, hovering his fingers right above Harry’s name. Zayn nods once before Niall presses his thumb down. It’s smooth, no jarred edges, and he traces the letters, saving the image in his brain.


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idk why anyone thinks liam's blog would be anything other than pictures of kfc and him partying at the funky buddha. and pictures of his smoking hot girlfriend mostly naked. aka his actual real life now.

pictures of kfc fucK

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i demand more kidfic. i demand more pregnant harry (leave me alone). it’s a short list of demands. someone should be able to meet it.

i remember the days i didn’t like kidfic and now i am literally crying at pictures of nick grimshaw with a baby like this is a life i lead. 

although once this au is done (tomorrow probs) i’m back on kidfic! kidfic forever, kidfic FOR LIFE. no one is preg though, very sad. 

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or you could write about loki turning into a kitten and cheer yourself up instead ;_________________________;

(lol doing everything and anything to not write this paper)


  • right okay because he’s really angry about being a kitten
  • so he’s running around and clawing up furniture and peeing on things because fuck all of you
  • And Thor is absolutely cooing over him no matter how many scratch marks he gets
  • because it’s cute as shit to him
  • (he probably fashions a little harness/cup thing so loki can ride around on his shoulder or at his hip or something)
  • Clint is, of course, a total dick about it
  • he buys a little kitty collar with a bell and a bunch of cat toys and treats and a little kitty sweater
  • (loki shits in his bed as a response)
  • Tony and Pepper have fucking joint heart attacks because Loki fucked up the lab and the nice italian furniture, respectively
  • When loki wanders into bruce’s lab with the intent of fucking shit up he just sort of pats loki on the head and goes back to work
  • loki is p. nonplussed by this total lack of reaction
  • so he takes a nap on bruce’s paperwork
  • (in his little kitty mind, this is a valid response)
  • However, kitty loki gets along best with Tasha
  • when she naps in her room with the blinds open he curls up with her in the sunbeam and naps too
  • they have matching judgemental stares
  • Tasha has far too much fun recreating the godfather with one of Pepper’s nice office chairs

author: shuttermutt

summary: So the thing is, Zayn sometimes forgets he’s not actually Harry’s boyfriend. It’s not a big deal or anything.

rating: mature

length: one shot

notes: i actually can’t believed i haven’t rec’d this yet! i love it!! (: -E

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i forgot to ask when i was asking school questions earlier: what subject do you teach?

It’s hippie school so it’s not very cut and dry, it’s sort of a mix. I have an art and history background, so I vaguely focus on those subjects. I teach a section of something called Transdisciplinary, which is sort of our core class, it’s all subjects in one as viewed through a theme (our theme is revolution). So, for example, we’ll learn the science behind the heliocentric universe, and then explore its historical implications and also look at some religious writings and art prior to and post the acceptance of this revelation, and then do independent creative projects about it, and so on. I also teach a class called Microhistory which is about how small things create big changes (ie. the history of cheese, or syphilis, etc). I also do Studio Art and Girl’s Group (which is like Women’s Studies). 

author: shuttermutt

summary: "Huh. Well, if you’re ever up for it, you should let me. My name’s Zayn, by the way. Zayn Malik."

"I know," Harry blurts out before he can stop himself. There’s his voice, then. And his blush, Christ. Zayn is giving him an odd look, so he says, "I mean, I’ve seen your art. In the halls. It’s really good."

Zayn perks up at that, smiling. “Well then, I guess it’s settled. You’ll model for me. Great.”

Mature, One Shot (2, 765)

shuttermutt said: i fucking love the creeper pap shot tho

How do these people take such casual photos? For a second, I thought Rahel was on the tube with him and started screaming, LICK HIM.

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did that lotr thing seriously happen, holy fuck

Duuuuuuude. Here’s a rundown on Victoria Bitter.

Like, the LOTR and Harry Potter fandoms were frequently a hot mess. (Lol when I saw that documentary “Catfish,” I was like — uhhh, is it this guy’s first day on Internet???) There’s definitely a lot less large-scale fraud, sockpuppet mass conspiracy shenanigans, and faked death (limeybean’s disease!) happening in fandoms these days, so even if you hate your fandoms, at least there’s that???

No Damsels in Distress Here

By shuttermutt

Then he notices that his shoes are gone. “What the fuck, man? Why would someone take my shoes? Is there no decency left in this world?” They were his favorite chucks, too, goddammit. Doesn’t he lose enough clothing to the wolfy menace on a weekly basis?

Or: the one where Stiles totally saves himself.

shuttermutt said: what is happening to harry’s hair though. maybe that’s why zayn is asking if he’s okay. because his hair is an atrocity.

Right? Given how much time Harry spends with Lou T, it’s unforgivable.