shut up paige

yo anyone who likes gorillaz!!! 

so theres this person whos been animating the 5/4 music video for the past few months based on the storyboards and they just released it!

check it out here its rly well done!!!!!! (and see their murdoc impression here)

astrology signs as bioware LIs

aries: the cute but feisty one who’s determined to reach their goals
taurus: tough acting and looking but is actually the biggest sweetheart
gemini: the team’s charming and lovable scoundrel 
cancer: kick ass parental figure who’s a lot tougher than they look
leo: headstrong darling who sticks steadfastly to their beliefs/moral code 
virgo: the one with a lot of secrets and stories 
libra: magnanimous heart of the team (just don’t piss them off)
scorpio: angry but captivating and will stamp their claim on you
sagittarius: the hot scholar with family issues
capricorn: gentle fighter with support to offer when given the chance
aquarius: the one who isn’t quite sure why they’re here (but they like you)
pisces: that one LI you have the option to kill (even though they never deserve it)

your daily reminder that brown eyes are fucking beautiful

got hazel brown eyes? ur eyes are beautiful forest colours, so pretty ok, how are those eyes even real, love them
got golden brown eyes?? incredible, like an ancient flipped coin, ur eyes are gorgeous and powerful
got dark brown eyes? u got +300% smolder, i could get lost in those eyes, u are striking, wow friend

~*brown eyes are beautiful*~