i honestly don’t care about being in a relationship, but god dammit sometimes i just want to be cuddled and adored and see them making me pancakes with cute bedhead, okay?


get to know me teen wolf meme

[2/7] favorite ships: malia & stiles

|[ If I get driven out of this community, then so be it. I throw out one opinion, that was covered and warned. And I get divebombed about it.

You guys say you don’t want to start hate, when you guys are continuing it. I gave out an opinion, and suddenly I’m targeted. And don’t forget the phrase ‘you can post whatever you want on your blog!! It’s your blog!!’

I’m done. Don’t be surprised if I don’t come back, honestly. I’m sure you all will be thrilled that you drove a newbie out and managed to make her feel like utter shit just because she posted an opinion that she was ashamed to put ///and hid it warning them it was a touchy subject///.

i take commisions!

  • shoulders-up, with full colour = £7.00 / $10.91
  • full body, with full colour = £11.00 / $17.74 
  • full body, with full colour and background = £15.00 / $23.38
  • sketch = £3.00 / $4.68
  • lineart (no colour) = £5.50 / $8.57
  • blinking pixel icons (like this) = £5.00 / 7.79

the way i’m going to make this work is, you let me know what you want drawn and i’ll do a little sketch before you pay me anything. if you like what you see, you can submit your payment and i’ll get it finished as soon as i possibly can! if you don’t like it, let me know and i’ll change things and try again. if you decide you don’t want to commission in the end, that’s cool too!
if you want my email or have any questions, inbox me!

(i’m so sorry if they seem a bit pricey, but the dollar-pound exchange rate is a thing and i really don’t want to be pouring so much time and effort for nothing!! i’m so sorry ack;;
thank you so much! <3)