Fic idea where a lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them.

Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1

ok perks of dating me

  1. hella cute
  2. no but 5 real i can cook (like order pizza)
  3. sometimes i wear a shirt with no pants and knee socks
  4. i liek cuddling
  5. i literally have no social life so i have time whenever you want
  6. we can make out while the arctic monkeys play in the background
  7. i probably love you a lot
  8. hella rad
  9. did i mention the knee socks
  10. please
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for not dumbing down Gravity Falls despite it being a “kids’ show”
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for not spelling out his mysteries to pander to the lowest common denominator
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for trusting his viewership to be thoughtful and observant with the clues they’re given
  • God bless Alex Hirsch for making me more excited about a show than I’ve been in years

Important thing to consider: When they say Odysseus was a “Greek hero” isn’t it possible that was a mistranslation of “Greek gyro”? —same pronunciation and all.

I mean, at no point in the Odyssey do they explicitly state Odysseus is not a sandwich. I prefer to interpret the story as one of a great sandwich traversing the seas on a journey home to his wife and half-sandwich son.