Akito is convinced he's Sora or Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

Akito knew that wasn’t the place, nor the time but he had to tell his friends his secret. He left notes under their doorsteps and told them to come to his room because it was important.

He felt selfish, but maybe, all his secrets boiled down to that.

He left notes to Takumi, Mic, Hideki, Suzume and Athena. But if any of them were too upset, he wouldn’t tell them and would try to cheer them up instead.


Ok, so I find the stupid singer… Again. And I guess I should say I’m sorry, but I’m really not. I mean… Yeah, no, not really. I think he likes me! Look at his mad and awkward face! Just… look at it! 

Fucking perfect. Someone died. Get a salad, you prick. ]

"Singer. Look. I’m not sorry at all, but let’s do Athena’s thing here. I’m sorry for punching you in the face… It was bad. So here."

I hand the salad to him. ]

"Take it, buddy! It’s yours. I know you just LOVE salad, so, just take it! Best pals forever, right? No?"

If he cries to Athena, I’m going to punch him in the face again. But I guess I’ll have to get another salad, and I don’t want to. ]

An Interview With Singer!Mun: Bijouly
  • Adell the Psycho:You ready for an interview now or should we do it another time?
  • bijouly.:we can start it now u vu
  • Adell the Psycho:Well, you're the unlucky first victim! But that's to be expected in the Despair Game isn't it?
  • Adell the Psycho:How did you feel when you find out your character died?
  • bijouly.:uh well i kind of...had a feeling this would happen...
  • Adell the Psycho:What makes you say that?
  • bijouly.:i dont really know!! i just had a premonition??
  • Adell the Psycho:Hmm, its too bad she was the first victim. Koemi was a cutie, the littlest one, haha.
  • Adell the Psycho:If Koemi became a murderer instead of a victim, do you have any idea what her punishment would have been?
  • bijouly.:something to do with singing, obviously! she'd sing while the punishment was going on, regardless of what it was! and she'd sing until the end, definitely. i wouldn't want it to mirror maizono's possible execution, though, haha
  • bijouly.:beaten to death with a huge microphone by monobear?? i dont know
  • Adell the Psycho:Do you know the name Gnilley?
  • Adell the Psycho:Maybe it could have been something like that. She'd have to keep singing to keep herself from being executed.
  • Adell the Psycho:But the moment she falters, bam, dead!
  • Adell the Psycho:*game Gnilley
  • bijouly.:Ah, that'd be a great one!
  • Adell the Psycho:So, once the first trial is over and done with, the second island is going to be unlocked and you can roam as a ghost there. Do you still plan on interacting as a spectre?
  • bijouly.:Well, I'm assuming they can hear her, since her song is what led most to the crime scene! But yes, I'm planning on interacting! I didn't get to do a lot with her when she was alive, mostly my fault (all my fault).
  • bijouly.:I could name some people, like Zino! Siblingtp.
  • Adell the Psycho:Oh yes the song. That makes her a siren now, doesn't it?
  • Adell the Psycho:xD
  • bijouly.:Wow, I guess it does!
  • Adell the Psycho:Haha, I forgot my next question. I should really write these down.
  • Adell the Psycho:So, any guesses as to who your killer is?
  • bijouly.:Uh. Huh.
  • bijouly.:I'd say Abi but too obvious, she probably had that planeted on her and I think we were told she couldn't kill?
  • bijouly.:Maybe Sukeban?? idk she doesnt know anyone enough to have them
  • bijouly.:want to
  • bijouly.:kill her?
  • Adell the Psycho:Well, she COULD kill but she chooses not to because its boooring
  • bijouly.:So we can scratch her off?
  • bijouly.:Unless you're plan is to
  • Adell the Psycho:Adell the Psycho shrugs
  • bijouly.:lure us off her scent.
  • bijouly.:~*~
  • Adell the Psycho:Perhaps I'm doing reverse psychology
  • Adell the Psycho:Adell the Psycho rolls
  • Adell the Psycho:Why do you think Koemi was targetted?
  • bijouly.:the person was really dumb in choosing who to kill imo
  • Adell the Psycho:Why?
  • bijouly.:We have a shsl genius who, with their level of intellect, would probably not have that hard of a time pinpointing the murderer. Bad news for the killer.
  • An analyst who could double as a detective on the scene. Also bad news.
  • bijouly.:basically,
  • Adell the Psycho:True. But seeing as Koemi is the littlest, maybe they wanted a sure easy kill by targetting the weakest
  • Adell the Psycho:AKA, the Chihiro
  • bijouly.:Yes, but Chihiro was killed in a fit of emotion and rage, not because of him being the littlest.
  • bijouly.:Also, they wouldn't have gone so far if it was supposed to be an easy kill?
  • bijouly.:Chopped her right up.
  • bijouly.:Opened her BRAIN.
  • Adell the Psycho:I know right?
  • bijouly.:Maybe the Yandere did it?
  • Adell the Psycho:It was really elaborate
  • bijouly.:I mean Yandere has killed before...
  • bijouly.:I don't know!!!!
  • bijouly.:I just feel that
  • bijouly.:killing singer
  • bijouly.:wasn't a good move.
  • bijouly.:I'm not even saying this
  • bijouly.:out of
  • bijouly.:spite or being upset??
  • bijouly.:I sincerely think it's not
  • bijouly.:beneficial
  • bijouly.:for the murderer.
  • Adell the Psycho:I agree. It's like killing the mouse in the rat cage
  • Adell the Psycho:Doesn't make sense at all
  • Adell the Psycho:But one thing is for sure, the truth is hidden in the clues
  • bijouly.:Of course!!!
  • Adell the Psycho:So any words for your classmates who will be investigating your death?
  • Adell the Psycho:Excuse me, your character's death I mean
  • Adell the Psycho:Not mun's death
  • Adell the Psycho:That's horrible xD
  • bijouly.:Huh.
  • bijouly.:well an ooc message:
  • I wish you all good luck! I know I don't have to worry about you all dying-- I doubt mod san will let that happen early on, but...
  • Good Luck in the trial!!
  • and ic message??
  • shes too busy saying sorry over and over again and singing sad songs gomen
  • (but she wants to tell you all she loves you guys and wishes she could have gotten to know yall)
  • bijouly.:u vu
  • Adell the Psycho:^^ Well, I guess thats it for this interview!
  • Adell the Psycho:Next time, I shall be interviewing the murderer after their execution!
  • Adell the Psycho:I hope you keep having fun with HVD even after this... and don't forget to Despair!
  • Adell the Psycho:=D
  • bijouly.:no way hope is dope
  • Adell the Psycho:Despair, you bastard, upupu!
Akito is a horrible, horrible person and needs to apologize to Mic

Akito was… Bad. He was a dick, really. Not only he made Mic upset by suspecting him, but he frigging thought it would be funny to make a snark comment about it. THANKFULLY the person didn’t take it seriously and thought Akito was just being an idiot. Which he was.

And to make it worse, a little voice in the back of Akito’s head kept telling him to avoid Mic at all costs.

And he was out of monocoins, so he couldn’t even buy Mic a proper gif. So he brought his harmonica to play something for him.

He knocked on Mic’s door. Mic would probably hate him.

Huh... Well, he can wait, right? (gifts!)

That horrific dinner called for a change of plans. It’s not like he’d die anytime soon, right? But that bad feeling he got refused to go away.

He bought… Quite a lot of stuff. But these people deserved it, right? Well… he was sort of a dick to Chiemi, even if she was kind of cruel first, she was just scared


  • Ultima Underworld: the Stygian Abyss for Takumi
  • Monokuma plush for target practice for Mic,
  • Jellybeans for Athena
  • Tea for Hideki
  • Comic book for Suzume
  • Feather clip for Chiemi
love song

Why I am at the singer’s door? I just had this sudden urge to visit it, somehow. It’s weird - it’s like I have this feeling on my throat, just… dry and dead, every time I pass by here. So, I don’t believe in ghosts or any of this crap, that’s bullshit. But… I don’t know, nobody is watching it, right? Just a dumbass starring at a door, that’s it. And even if ghosts exist, they can read minds, right? Whatever. Let’s just… talk.

I hated you. I hated you so much, singer. No one ever supported me, I was abandoned all the time. Nobody wanted to be friends with “the blue-haired weirdo” and my parents… well, what can I say? Abandoned me too. But you, singer. You? Never. You had everything in your hand.

One day, in seventh grade, I think… Nobody noticed me at all. Until one day, I broke my own arm on purpose, so I could get at least a bit of attention from everyone. And I got 18 cards, that I keep under my bed until this very day.

But still… I think it was not hatred I felt for you, but yes, jealously. I wanted to be like you, but in the end, all turned into hate when you did that murder.  I understand your point of view, you were scared, but still. I would be okay if you just murdered someone and confessed, but you lied.

But even though. My respect for you, which was… a lot, just went all away at the trial. I respected you a lot, singer. You were my inspiration, and I just felt so betrayed

But in the end, does it matter? Does it matter that I feel this way? I… honestly don’t know.

Sigh. I probably look like a stupid fuck starring at a door, just thinking… Whatever. I’ll just leave. ]

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Send √ for a long winded confessing text

[text] look I know we haven’t talked in a while but i just wanted to say that ive always had this tendency to see what friends i had as family and if that ever makes u uncomfortable just tell me please that’s the last thing i want my point here is that youre a good friend and im sorry ive been gone so long but imma try and be better now

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confess! what are your true thoughts on the singer? >:)

"The singer… You mean Molly? She’s a nice girl. A little eccentric, but in a good way. She’s kind, though. Very kind. My natural instinct is to look out for her, but I don’t know if that’s what she wants…"