"N-no….not possible….not happening!"  Kazuhiko began to spin, and search for an exit.  "Trapped?  No?  I, I had things to accomplish…a life to live…no, no, it’s not happening, not happening, it certainly isn’t!  No…escape…."

Well of course there was the alternative.  The…murder…alternative.  But…he couldn’t….he couldn’t even hurt an animal…of course, even if he wanted to he probably couldn’t…..but…a pastry chef…a weak boy…that could be a target.  ”N-no!  Let me out….they can’t hurt me…please let me out…Ican’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’tIcan’t!”  He began to absolutely panic as he clawed at the walls, at the bricks keeping him in.  He fell shaking as the truth sank in…he would have to wait…make the best….however hard it was.

Operation give everyone gifts - Kazuhiko

Kazuhiko’s name was the second (the first was Yuiko’s, whom Akito had only seen once) name he pulled from the hat. He didn’t really know what the patissier liked, so he decided to buy him some bubblegun. 

You couldn’t go wrong with candy, right?

"I really hope you like it?" Hopefully, that gift would help make Kazuhiko’s day and maybe even general stay at the park a bit better.

we need food - kazuhiko

Even though this was suppose to be a quick wedding, they still needed food, right? Eri would probably be cranky if she went somewhere for a long period of time without food. Wow, he had already become a slaving husband. Would his mother be so proud.

Moving on, there was only one guy he could ask! Mostly because he was the only guy that had a talent related to food. Standing in front of the door, he knocked loud and clear. Oh wait, he was going to have to explain about the situation! He had only spoke to Kazuhiko a few times, so many he would understand?

"Mr. Kazuhiko? May I please ask you something?" Mien stared blankly at the door. He had to think of how he was going to explain this problem to someone he’d only talk to once or twice? Was he suppose to say it out front like ‘Hey, I got my girlfriend pregnant, do you wanna cook for our wedding?’ That didn’t really sound proper at all.

yo I can't bake what am I doing (kazuhiko)

This was a bad idea. She should have just bought something instead of being cheap and using their infinite baking supplies. She knew she couldn’t bake yet she did it anyway.


Well, at least it looked edible. It smelled decent. She would eat it, probably, if she wasn’t unsure as to whether she used a cup of sugar or a cup of salt. Could she give this to Kazuhiko? It couldn’t be… that bad, could it? She’d only spoken to him a couple times, and figured giving him something would be a good excuse to know him better.

Eri stared down at the contained of pastries in her hand as she knocked on his door. This could be tragic. Hopefully she wasn’t executed. “Um, Kazuhiko-kun, it’s Eri. I… made you something?”

Introduction (Awakening)

"M-mon dieu…" Kazuhiko nervously laughed as he raised his head, squinting in the bright sunlight.  He reprimanded himself quietly for dozing on the warm stones of the fountain, but couldn’t help but think a little sun drenched cat-nap was a bit nice.  Stirring himself to action, he managed to rise up and look around.  He dusted himself off,brushing the palms of his delicate, dexterous hands against his sides, and looked wide around.

Adjusting to the intensity of light, he realized he was in the large plaza square of what appeared to be…a theme park.  A brief bolt of joy sprung up in him.  He had awoken this morning going to school…then there was a blur…and then he woke up in a theme park!  Of all things!  Of all wonderful things!  To treat nervous new students to a day in a theme park?  What glorious ingenuity on the part of the staff!  Certainly that was why the park was so empty…it was rented for the express use of the new students.  Maman and Papa had advised him that such extravagances were nothing to the powerful new school he was to attend.

This “Hope’s Peak” was certainly charming in surprising him like this.  Perhaps he had dozed off on the way, and no one had had the heart to wake him.  While he lingered in his mind for a minute on the image of whatever strapping gentleman carried him out, he paused with a glazed, somewhat dreamy expression.  Yet, there were things to do!  Still another student lingered on the steps.  He’d let them lay.  He needed to seek awake company now!  There was no reason to let this glorious day go to any waste.  He skipped off towards the center of the street they were on, out to find his fellow classmates here for the day. 

Shattered Possibilities (Kazuhiko's Investigation)

Kazuhiko walked into the room, hearing the news.  But that couldn’t be true…right?  There was so many more fun times to have….everyone loved Akito.  He was so good….he…no, he had to see…it was probably a mistake…it had to be.

As Kazuhiko walked in he sunk to his knees.  ”Akito…wake up Akito, right?  This is all a joke.  We had more time to spend together, right?  I…I made more of those gelees for you….I made cookies and cakes and everything you liked….please don’t go…please don’t leave me now…”  Big, fat, ugly tears began to fall from his eyes.  He sobbed, unable to move for a few minutes, only crying and clutching the body.

He wiped the tears from hsi eyes, and got up.  How could they just leave him here, like this?  He was the sweetest…the gentlest of them.  This wasn’t fair!  That bastard Kazuki…no one liked him!  Why couldn’t he die!  Why couldn’t anyone else but him die!

He stood up, shaking with a rage he had never felt before.  Despite Kazuhiko’s wishes, he knew how Akito felt towards romance.  And he knew the motive.  It was easy enough to put two and two together.  He was half French for god’s sake.  This kind of intuition was in his blood.  It’s either Mien…or it’s Kazuki.  And with Kazuki collecting evidence, someone else had to.  he would not let Akito’s memory be disgraced.

He collected himself and began by investigating the body…followed by it’s immediate surroundings.  After that, he would proceed to Akito’s room…lovers always left traces…gifts…letters, things of the sort.

Kauhiko Kazuhiko Kazuhiko Kazuhiko - After explorers meeting

Huh… That meeting was… A thing. Kazuhiko sure was fun to be around. Akito hoped he wouldn’t be too tired  listen to Akito play.

He had asked Akito to play something for him in a while, and Akito  felt that would be an opportunity to repay his kindness.

Reading the will - Chiemi, Suzume, Kazuhiko, Eri, Hideki

He looked at the notebook Athena gave him after the trial. He had yet to show the will to the others (probably someone else wanted to read the notes, too). He should have done that sooner… No, that was an excuse. 

That was the first thing he was supposed to do when he returned from the trial, yet he was too busy feeling sorry for himself to remember that. 

There was two problems:

  • Kazuki, whom Akito tried to avoid like the plague,
  • Suzume and Hideki, who had fought because of Athena.

Then again, it was unlikely Suzume would come, so it was pretty much just one problem.

He decided to ask Chiemi or Eri to tell Kazuki Athena’s message and left the following note under Chiemi, Suzume, Kazuhiko, Eri and Hideki’s doors:

Athena left me her notebook and wrote her will in it.

She left a message for you, so come to my room or something if you want to read it, 

- Akito