I’ve been living in this damn country since I was born and I still don’t know all fifty one states, is it even humanly possible to remember them all? When am I ever going to need to know all of them anyway? I don’t ever plan on visiting any of them really so there’s no point in learning them all, right? Do you know them all? What are they? Hi, I’m Jin.


supposed to be a rough sketch of a monster girl I’ve had in mind for a while but she turned out looking very fully human… orz I shouldn’t introduce new characters before finishing the bios of my current ones, but I wanted to get the rough idea down anyway! still unsure about many parts of her design, all I know is she has tons of flowers on her because she’s gonna be a plant girl so????? YEAH I’ll have to mess around w her design a bit and see what works

also these roses are so sloppy…. gods…… my sincerest aplogies