at the public library where a
woman in leg warmers is unraveling charmin like a scroll, zeroed in on its microfibred messages
a shrimplike porcelain elder holds a magnifying stick up to a computer screen
and some queer has checkmarked every one of my favorite spicer lines and poems in My Vocabulary Did This To Me:
"What I mean is words / Turn mysteriously against those who use them"
"Nothing matters except the big lie of the personal—the lie in which these objects do not believe"
a colorado mountain man rests on his right arm, which is extended and pressing raised buttons on a tiny nokia that shrinks the longer he holds it in his hulk hands
where the internet shelf features books like
Laptops Simplified (which is already too complicated)
The Man Who Invented The Computer (already wrong)
The Dream Machine: How Computers Became Personal
and a lot of adults wear backpacks
all surrounded by glass walls that double 
as a screen of saturated deciduous trees
and a canopy of autumn is suspended above a glass ceiling
my affection is perverted and delusional today
a motley crew of homeless men by the creek saw me inhaling 
their joint from a mile away and shouted “hey sister you wanna smoke?” 
involuntarily i flashed a huge grin and said “i kinda do” and kept walking while they didn’t let it go
this just flowed into the next encounter
which was another dime-a-dozen mtn dude walking his dog 
"what are you listening to no let me guess"
"ok haha" he said 
"NIN" was my first suggestion
"nah, it’s dubstep," which was my second

I just realised I must have been just a tiny weird little shrimplike nugget of a thing when Fight The Future started filming which not only makes me feel like a baby but it’s pretty awesome too considering how obsessed with that film i got around a decade later