Shrimpfish, in the same order as seahorses and pipefish. It’s thought they adopt this head down posture because they like to hide among sea urchin spines and vertical weeds; but they swim - horizontally, but vertically - pretty well that way too…

This was also at AOP; please forgive the weird reflections and slight blurriness. Last time I was there they had maybe three or four in a tiny tank of maybe two gallons, and now they have a school of them!  The tank is this sort of wedge-shaped thing with no air surface on the display side.

Note: there are also ribbon pipehorses near the bottom in this video.

Not sure what’s going on here - it plays on my dash and posts page but not on  my main page.  If you can’t see it let me know and I’ll put up a link.

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Please enjoy this short video of some shrimpfish and a seal!

The striped shrimpfish is remarkable for its strange body shape and swimming habits. It has a straight, sleek, razor-like body with one long, sharp spine and two shorter spines at the end of the body. The dorsal (back) and caudal (tail) fins are found below these spines. The shrimpfish’s elongated, slender body is encased in an armor of thin and transparent bony plates. Body length up to 17 cm. Wine red on top and dark yellow underneath, with a black longitudinal band and three silver spots on both sides of each bony plate. (Photograph: Rod Klein)

Taipei: Asian food central

Amazing food, tropical weather and super friendly people: that’s Taiwan. Walking around, it looks like pretty much any asian city unless you take a closer look. There’s crazy bikes mixed with motorcycles and cars, but somehow the old man can cross the street stress free at his rythm! Why? Because all the traffic dodges him! Yes! That’s how you’re supposed to cross the street! Just walk normally


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