The life sentence ruling of 4 Albanian muslim men from Macedonia in the killings of Christian Macedonian fishermen has sparked region-wide mass protests in Shkup, Macedonia, Prishtina, Kosovo, Tirana, Albania and in the boders of Macedonia-Kosovo. Despite no evidence against the Albanian men, they are still sentenced to life in the ruling. Despite making up 25% of the population, Macedonia refuses to acknowledge the ethnic, religious, or cultural presence of Albanians in the country and are extremely racist against the population and enact state-sponsored systematic policies that affect the socioeconomic integration of the population and utilize terror policies at will for the Albanian population. The Albanians in Macedonia live in an apartheid state. There have been previous ethnic clashes and several killings of Albanians however, the current ruling has sparked large-scale protests.  

First pic: Albanians marching in Shkup today confronting police from Macedonia. Reports that Serbia has sent in troops to reinforce Macedonian police force 

Second pic: Albanians from all over gather in the border of Kosova-Macedonia. Reports that Macedonian police have not let the protesters cross the border

Third pic: Protests in Shkup, members of UCK have declared that they are ready to serve in Macedonia if need be 

Fourth pic: Albanians in Albania protesting in front of Macedonian embassy. There have been several other protests in Albania in honor of Albanians in Macedonia throughout these couple of days 

Fifth pic: Close up of protests in Shkup today