At AwesomeCon this weekend, Allison told the story of meeting Tom Welling for the first time!

Allison:“The first time I met Tom? “Oh shit, he’s so good looking!” He is really something….I saw him and was just like “HuminaHuminaHumina!” Like he’s incredibly charismatic and he loves…he’s very interested in people so there’s something very magnetic about that quality.

“I saw him at the gym but it was really embarrassing. I was not fit and was like “I’m going to get in shape for this show!” and it was like a week before we started filming. But I marched down into the gym and there was Tom, working on his abs and I was like “Ahhhh!”

“So then I was like “I’m going to do something impressive too! So I jumped on the treadmill but..I don’t run. So I started running and I was like five minutes and was doing this (heavy breathing) and was like, “this isn’t working so I’m just going to go talk to him.” And I did and I was like “Hi!” (heavy breathing) “Nice to meet you.”

And I couldn’t catch my breath and he just stared down at me and at the end of my phrase - I don’t even know what I said - goes (gentle Tom voice) “Oh! You’re perfect for Chloe!”


I did this show awhile back called Smallville and one of the rules on that show is that the men must be shorn chested.  The reason it was a rule is because Smallville started out with these characters as teenagers.  Well, at this point they’re like 30, right?  So, I made the argument “No you shouldn’t shave my chest” and they made a big deal about it. So I was like “Fine! Fine! Go ahead.  Shave my chest, you bastards!”

There was one day where I was shooting and I was wearing a button down and it was kind of open.  I said to the make-up people “Tell them Sam refuses to shave his chest again.  Start a buzz about it.  Get the producers worried.”  ‘Cause this was a big panic the first time. And there were calls to LA that I wouldn’t shave my chest.  My chest isn’t that hairy, guys.

So I started that panic again and then I arrived on the set and they like pasted a full wig to my chest.  So I had this huge just bush of hair, but it wasn’t like a bush of hair.  It was like long, flowing, beautiful, beautiful, slightly spiked hair coming out of my chest.

And so they all laughed and then they killed me.

 - Sam Witwer from the season 1, episode 4 commentary of Being Human

Bold what you prefer - Smallville edition  2


  • Season 1 or Season 10
  • Season 2 or Season 9
  • Season 3 or Season 8
  • Season 4 or Season 7
  • Season 5 or Season 6


  • Pilot or Finale
  • Asylum or Labyrinth
  • Lexmas or Reckoning
  • Reunion or Homecoming
  • Tomb or Void
  • Transference or Hex
  • Memoria or Abandoned
  • Relic or Spell


  • Clark or Lex
  • Lana or Lois
  • Tess or Chloe
  • Clark or Oliver
  • Oliver or Jimmy
  • Lois or Chloe
  • Tess or Lana
  • Kara or Lucy
  • Lionel or Jonathan
  • Jonathan or General Lane
  • Jason or Adam
  • Conner or Ryan
  • Clark Kent or Clark Luthor


  • Clana or Clois
  • Chlollie or Chimmy
  • Lexana or Clana
  • Clex or Chlana
  • Chloe/Lois or Chloe/Moira
  • The Kents or The Luthors


  • Smallville or Metropolis
  • Talon or Watchtower
  • Belle Reve or LuthorCorp
  • Luthor Mansion or The Kent Farm
  • Weddings or Funerals
  • Dean Cain or Christopher Reeve
  • Red kryptonite or Blue kryptonite
  • Smallville Torch or The Daily Planet
  • Shirtless Clark or shirtless Oliver

Lois and Clark (The New Adventures of Superman, Smallville) | Barry and Iris (The Flash)
     “How long have I known? Since yesterday. And how did I figure it out? I’ve touched you before…both of you…but something about almost dying sharpened everything, all my senses, like putting on a pair of glasses.” – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman