The Scale Does NOT DEFINE YOU!

*sigh* I just typed this whole long thing up, and tumblr logged me out and lost all of it -_-, so here it goes again!

I’m going to take you all back in time to a place called elementary school, a death trap filled with ignorance, arrogance and uneducated shit heads (pardon my french). I can distinctly remember a time as a 12 year old at the lunch table with most of my class discussing weight and how heavy or light everyone was. Now in my home we didn’t have a scale because my mom thought it promoted poor thinking, which I appreciate now knowing how dangerous those contraptions are. However, with a recent visit to the doctor for a regular checkup I knew that I was 150 pounds at 12 years old, now at the time I was already 5’6 bordering 5’7 and I was a completely healthy weight for my body and my doctor had no advice for my perfectly healthy self… However at the lunch table I learned something totally different, the number of the scale defined how skinny or fat you were and it also defined you as a person. I being naive and unsure of what I was getting myself into stated casually that I was 150 pounds, to the surprise of my classmates who all looked at me googly eyed and in awe… “I’m 100, 108, 120 at most” came from the mouths of all of my much shorter, skinnier classmates and I instantly knew I was wrong, weird and really fat. Deemed “Shamoo” for the rest of my adolescent career I knew that I was a disgusting chunk of lard that irritated people with my fatness.


(^ The girl on the far left is me, at age 13 still the owner of the nickname Shamoo)

Now this curse isn’t just the fault of young ignorant children who have no concept of weight, and health and beauty, it’s something that they have learned from their parents and the media. My mother, someone who belongs to the health industry even said to me one time just by looking at me that 160 pounds should be what I aim for at my height… Which was TOTALLY off base! If I weighed 150 almost 160 pounds in the photo above at 5’7 does it really make sense that I should weight that amount at 5’10 bordering 5’11? No, not at all! And this goes to show my point! Weight cannot be determined by looking at someone alone, you must know all of their physical details before making this assumption and that job belongs to the owner of this skin and their doctor who helps them determine their nutritional needs! Not you, a parent, or a friend, or a bystander who believes that your arrogant and condescending opinions help or even change the victims ways.

With a visit to my doctor I found out that my current weight of 185 is healthy for my size and if I would like to work out more that would be fine but going anywhere below 175 would be dangerous for me in particular! 

So to all of you who believe you can judge a book by it’s cover, learn that you cannot at all! And stop trying to give your advice to people on how they should treat themselves or their bodies, because you have absolutely NO IDEA!


Love always, the girl with natural rolls, thunder thighs and small breasts.

- Katie


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