The wheel turns...

“Sherlock effectively falls in love with [John] in the film, but it’s so desperately unspoken.” –Mark Gatiss on The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, 1970

“John, there’s something I should say,  I've meant to say always and I never have. Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again, I might as well say it now…” –BBC Sherlock , 2014

Mark is literally recreating his favorite rendition of Sherlock. The gay one.


Unlocked Fanwork Challenge: Pajama Party!

As long as we’re having a fandom pajama party, we may as well invite the characters to join us. So your first Unlocked fanwork challenge is to combine the themes of Sherlock + pajama party.

Any kind of fanwork at all is eligible for the challenge. You can draw, write, cosplay, vid, bake, create a slumber party playlist, write meta on what kind of PJs you think the characters wear… Sky’s the limit.

To participate in the challenge, post your fanwork to your blog, and include #unlockedcon as one of the first five tags so everyone else can see what you made. (And please remember to include any needed content warnings or read mores like you always would.)

The Unlocked online con + pajama party is happening April 24–26, 2015, so the deadline for taking part in this challenge is Sunday, April 26. We can’t wait to see what you bring to the party!