sherlock setting up at my school! apparently they’re doing the filming at night though. i made friends with a set guy. he let me touch the bookcase. there was also a horse transport van ok i  will update tomorrow x

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So I was thinking about Johnlock in the shower (as one does) and it occurred to me that, while we make fun of the fact that the general audience tends to assume Sherlock had feelings for Irene despite Sherlock’s actions and dialogue indicating the exact opposite, there actually is a reason people’s minds automatically turn that way other than just hetronormativity.

While Sherlock doesn’t act like there’s anything going on between himself and Irene, another character does. John “Baby Names” Watson acts like a jealous ex through the whole episode, getting overprotective and butting in disapprovingly when Irene’s flirting gets too intense.

Surely even casual viewers pick up on John’s cues (they’re so obvious they’re kind of hard to miss), but then presumably they’re so distracted by thoughts of “wow look at all the sexual tension between Sherlock and Irene!!” to notice that his jealousy and possessiveness all revolve entirely around Sherlock.

I dunno, it’s just hilarious to me that what little textual evidence there is to support an audience’s reading that Sherlock and Irene are mutually into each other consists almost entirely of John getting territorial over his platonic best friend (whom he was willing to die for just a few months before). People reflexively go along with the interpretation suggested by John’s behavior (that Sherlock is into Irene) rather than the one suggested by Sherlock’s behavior (that he’s disinterested at best) because by this point in the show the story is told mostly through John’s perspective. The casual audience may still even believe to some extent that Sherlock’s emotions just don’t work the same way as a “normal” person’s, so of course he’s going to act weird in a romantic/sexual situation, so of course we can’t trust his body language or word choice like we can an everyman like John.

Basically John crushing hard on Sherlock is the only “evidence” for Sherlock liking Irene and this show is incredible.

okay: i enjoy watching superwholock shows even though they are problematic, and i accept that not everybody will love them


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Thea why was sherlock almost having a breakdown in front of the door after the battlefield scene? I don't understand, it has probably something to do with being gay and in love but i need a more detailed explanation

lol I meant battersea earlier, this is terrible 

"this is terrible" kjhghjkl;lkj  i’m not going to eat you. it kind of is a battlefield tho!

I mean, you’re right obviously. The whole episode is about sherlock confronting romantic love/sex.  The pool scene already established that John is the most important person in his life but he hasn’t fully realized/had to think about the sexual component of this at all. At Christmas he accidentally deduces both Irene and Molly have “lurve on their mind” (can you believe he says this? literal trash nerd). note lipstick/wrapping paper epiphany. and he humiliates one of them and the other one dies. he goes into a state. he literally shuts john out. he starts writing romantic music…which he hadn’t done after meeting irene! he had seemed perfectly cheerful and cheeky with mycroft and unconcerned about irene’s texts. then suddenly…as though he is contemplating the reality of sex/romantic love for the first time after having that epiphany…

then he follows john. Like according to john, sherlock may or may not be pining for irene and won’t sleep or talk and is off in his little world composing music. but then lol he seems perfectly attuned to john’s every movement? so sherlock just stands there throughout that whole conversation, passing up the opportunity to be dramatic and one-up irene and reveal himself. he has time between when irene send the text and the alert goes off but he stands there listening to the two of them discussing HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH JOHN AND NOTHING ELSE? btw the camera shows a pov that is implied to be sherlock before he is even revealed to be there, it shows john and irene through little gaps as sherlock would see them except it mostly focuses on john and only shows irene a few times when she’s responding directly to something john said and sherlock’s pov focuses on john especially when john is being posessive of sherlock. And john has just point-blank stopped dating after jeanette and sherlock has been trying to figure out what his relationship with john is and what it means to experience love and sexual attraction (a thought process that comes to an abrupt stop at the end of the episode when he concludes that love is nothing but a chemical defect). So …everything is a little murky…john’s not dating, john’s putting him first always and being jealous over the text messages…what could all of this mean..„he’s genuinely trying to find out. he doesn’t know.

BUT THEN THIS IS ALL RUINED. John says that he’s not gay—he’s never heard john say this before so there’s always been a chance but this is like a definitive rejection??? and John only says it when he thinks sherlock can’t hear??? DOES EVERYONE REALIZE HE ONLY EVER SAYS THIS WHEN HE THINKS THERE IS NO CHANCE OF SHERLOCK HEARING?? and in the next two episodes after this, he doesn’t even say it to third parties. John also says they’re not a couple. so it’s like: why did i even bother contemplating the possibility of love when john is unavailable in the most absolute sense. 

so yeah then we get some nifty depth of field action and wheel effect that show sherlock actually dissociating from his surroundings on the way back to baker street. he’s in shock. but note how this plot thread is interrupted by the cia guy. sherlock is conveniently afforded a punching bag to take out his feelings and the audience is conveniently distracted from the emotional drama.

the next time we’re allowed to come back to this thread is incidentally the next time john and sherlock are alone together. john tries to talk about it!!! john had tried to run after him at battersea but accepts irene’s presumption that she knows sherlock better!!! the moment they are alone john (assuming this is about irene) tries to!!!! note how sherlock still seems heartbroken and not glad after the initial shock has worn off. it’s almost as if his breakdown was over what john was saying rather than the fact that irene is alive. john tries to talk and sherlock physically turns away from him. cause john. said. they. weren’t. a. couple. HOW ANY OF US ARE ALIVE IS LITERALLY BEYOND ME.