"What is it? Are we in trouble?"
“Are we in trouble, sir.”
"Yes, sir, sorry, sir."
"You were expecting us?"
"Your ID showed up straight away, Mr Holmes. Corporal Lyons, security. Is there something wrong, sir?”
"Well, I hope not, Corporal, I hope not."
"It’s just we don’t get inspected here, you see, sir. It just doesn’t happen."
"Ever heard of a spot check? Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers."
"Sir. Major Barrymore won’t be pleased, sir. He’ll want to see you both."
"I’m afraid we won’t have time for that. We’ll need the full tour right away. Carry on. That’s an order, Corporal.”
"Yes, sir."


If you must leave,
Leave as though fire burns under your feet
If you must speak,
Speak every word as though it were unique