blackberri11 said:Hello hello! So, I hope you don’t mind me bothering you with this silly little request, but do you think you could make a drawing of John nursing a crabby Sherlock back to health? Who knows what ails him, maybe an injury from a case, maybe just the flu, but I feel like it would be really sweet, so please, if you have the time! 😘

Dear Anti SuperWhoLocks,

Listen up, you fuck turds. Nobody fucking cares if you’re hating on SuperWhoLock. We are living humans and we deserve to like something as much as you hate it. You claim our fandom is sexist, racist, homophobic? Bullshit. We have very strong characters of both genders. Irene Adler, Jo, Ellen, Charlie, River, Vastra, Jenny, Amy, Rose, Donna, Martha, Clara, Molly, Dorothy, Missy, the list goes on. Racist? Nope. The slight lack of characters of color does not make us racist. We do not put down characters of color, no one is put down because of their race. Many characters aren’t even human, might i add. We have characters from other planets, celestial wave lengths, characters from hell whom we still adore, etc. If you think that’s racist, then I don’t know what racism is anymore. And we are most certainly not homophobic. We may have more straight characters than LGBT+, but that does not make us homophobic. No one in the show is put down because of their sexuality. We have many many characters who identify as LGBT+, and even when, in Supernatural, Dean shows affection towards a male (Dr. Sexy), people don’t make a big deal. No one made a big deal when Dean was completely fantasized by Dr. Sexy, or when he called Dr. Sexy, well, sexy. No one madde a big deal when Dean was upset that he didn’t have a “gay thing.” No one made a big deal when the Doctor kissed Rory. We don’t make people feel bad about themselves if they are LGBT+. You are basically doing what you accuse our fandom of: being prejudice. You are putting a community of people down because of their beliefs, and you should be ashamed. Because our Fandom is beautiful. You take time out of your day to make us feel bad about ourselves. Well here’s the thing: DON’T. We enjoy what we want, you can deal with it. Because as much as you want our fandom out, we will never stop. We create life, even if it is just within the small screen of a computer. We create art, and love. We are beautiful, and you shouldn’t mess with us. Because we have each others backs, through everything. It’s not our fault Tumblr is filled with us. It just shows how connected we are. Our actors aren’t the assholes you say they are, they are among us. At least they care about us, unlike you assholes. For some people, our community it the only thing we’ve got. We never say anything against people who aren’t in the fandom, so why do you care to make us feel bad about ourselves? This group of people may be the only thing worth living for, and you are taking that away from us. So shut up and listen: we will always be there for each other. We will never pay attention to the harsh things you say to us. And we will never, ever back down from others, because those of you who try to make people feel bad can barely call yourselves human. We may be a big group, and we can sometimes be annoying, but we don’t give your insults a second thought. We are a family, our Fandom. And “Family don’t end with blood.”


Sherlolly Appreciation Week - Day Two


"It’s not your fault, Sherlock. She was already dead when you got the case. There’s nothing you could have done."


Getting still no response from the detective Molly slowly reached out for his hand lying motionless on the table. Giving it a gentle squeeze Molly kept a close look on Sherlock’s profile waiting for any reaction.

"It’s not your fault. You have to remember that," she told him quietly.

When Sherlock still hadn’t moved nor looked up after a couple of minutes Molly was about to pull her hand back and give him the space he seemed to need. But before she could the detective closed his hand around hers.