Like John is so so soft in 221b during the stag night, he is so full of love and is just waiting for a sign from Sherlock that he wants this too but they’re interrupted before they can get anywhere but you know that’s why the evening was a disaster in his mind, he was hoping Sherlock would give him a reason to not go through with the wedding.

Yeah you will need to narrow that down a bit..

And John never looks at Mary the way he looks at Sherlock. Like at best he looks like he’s trying to be suave and confident and flirty like he was with Anthea and at worst he looks filled with pure loathing just being in the same room as her, but we never see him look at her with anything close to resembling the complete adoration and love he gives off when he looks unguardedly at Sherlock, like he’s found the center of his universe.