I had only ever watched the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who and I couldn’t stand it so I just never watched anymore~ and I kept thinking I should skip ahead to a Moffat episode, people always complain about Moffat so I bet I would fucking love a Moffat episode~ but I figured I wouldn’t know what was going on so I didn’t get around to it

then avawatson told me to at least watch the first episode of the new season bc Johnlock and I was like, you know, I bet I’d like a bitchy angry doctor, oh hey Moffat wrote it, LET’S DO THIS

I decided if I was going to be confused I may as well go all the way so I got super high beforehand

It opens with a dinosaur in Victorian England and I was like, is this real?? and everything was confusing but funny and I liked it a lot?? THE DINOSAUR BROKE MY HEART?? I love the new doctor and I don’t even know what shit he’s gone through but I’m a sucker for emotionally repressed men who are struggling with anger and trying to be a good person?? I feel like he wants to put it in Clara maybe and I like Clara a lot so I support that??

Then last night I watched Into the Dalek and I was sooooo high that I started unironically shrieking “THIS IS SO DEEP” toward the end and I CARE SO MUCH ABOUT THE DOCTOR IT BROKE MY FUCKING HEART, I NEARLY CRIED and when Clara said she doesn’t know if he’s a good man I was like ME EITHER, I DON’T KNOW WHO ANY OF YOU ARE OR ANYTHING THAT’S GOING ON, WHY DO I CARE, IDEK

I hadn’t known who wrote it when it started but there was some joke early on that seemed really Moffat-y so I looked it up and he was co-writer and I was like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS

also if you barely know what a dalek is and you’re high they feel like the best thing ever, I loved their crazy cheesey voices. when my husband was trying to sleep I kept rolling around saying, “Daleks! Wooooooooow!” and laughing happily

Steven Moffat made me like Doctor Who bc he is brilliant, okay. He will live in a giant Emmy one day and it will look pretty tacky but w/e

I will continue to watch Doctor Who while high, thanks for reading my blog you guys


Meet Director of Photography Suzie Lavelle!

(For 221beemine who had the good sense to watch the credits!)

You probably best know her work on Doctor Who: 

  • Time Heist (2014)
  • Listen (2014)
  • Cold War (2013) 

In what is generally regarded to be an industry profession dominated by men, Suzie Lavelle has fought her way to become one of Ireland’s most promising directors of photography. In 2010, she became the first female winner of the Director of Photography IFTA for her work on Conor Horgan’s ‘One Hundred Mornings’ and has since been nominated a second time for Rebecca Daly’s ‘The Other Side of Sleep’.

Lavelle has shown daring and versatility in her short career, from shooting a post-apocalyptic Ireland (One Hundred Mornings) to the gritty inner city of Dublin (Pyjama Girls) to Matt Smith’s tardis on ‘Doctor Who’, and her latest work on Channel 4’s new series ‘My Mad Fat Diary’.

The most common misconception people have about my job is… it’s only just about camera and lighting. I think lots of people think it is. But it’s so much more, about working and managing your crew, being able to articulate your ideas. People think it’s all technical also, when it’s really a split. It’s really a 50 per cent creative and 50 per cent technical job. It’s also so much about being adaptable too. (x)

A Theory on Orson Pink

Okay, first thing’s first, I thought his name was “Awesome” the first time I heard the Doctor say it and I am now disappointed that this future awesome person is not named Awesome. Love the name Orson, though, so I suppose it’s fine.

Anyways, let me get back to the theory. I’m sure I’m not the first person who thought about this, but it’s a theory that I’ve started to believe.


I think Orson Pink is connected to both the Doctor and Clara by blood.

Wait a second, let me explain.


The first Doctor’s companion was his granddaughter. In the Fourth Season of the reboot of Doctor Who, Jenny became a thing.

Danny Pink has some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff going around him.

The Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan Foreman, was one of the last Gallifreyan children born and married a man on earth named David Campbell. She had adopted three children (Ian, Barbara, and David Campbell Junior) and had one of her own: Alex Campbell. While Alex is confirmed to be dead, his mother is simply marked “lost”. It is unknown as to whether or not she is dead.

The Doctor’s “daughter” Jenny was seen to have the ability to regenerate at the end of her episode and went to explore the stars. From what the audience knows, she should be alive.

Both of these characters have the ability to time travel if they have the proper technology and are not, from what stands within the canon as of now, barren. Both have the potential of creating a family on earth that ties in  with Dan’s, as well as Orson’s, family.

Now, for Clara. I believe that Clara is tied to Orson because the Doctor was able to find him in her timeline. Which possibly means that she will eventually end up with Dan. This may be too obvious and may just be a red herring in all this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, but it’s a pretty decent possibility.

I believe, somewhere down the line, the Doctor is Dan’s and Orson’s Ancestor, and somewhere down the line, Clara is Orson’s ancestor.

Just funny

I can’t help I just find funny that after Listen, when people was talking about Whouffle as a sinking ship, whoufflepuffs exploded of feels, souffez shippers who still didn’t ship whouffaldi started to ship them and whovians who didn’t ship souffez started to ship whouffaldi.

Oh, just funny things

  • steven moffat:the vapid fangirls won't be attracted to peter capaldi. he's too old.
  • my vagina:im gonna be even more attracted to peter capaldi just bc u bein wrong makes him even hotter

People keep saying “Listen was a good episode except for the date, srsly why do we have to deal with Clara’s love life?”

Lol, you’re right, it was much better when Clara was just the Impossible Girl and a mystery to solve. So sorry that she has a life now, that must be so boring for you.