show down

So thanks to my dashboard I knew going in to Steven Universe that I was going to love Garnet with all of my being, but why did no one warn me about Intense Amethyst Feelings sneaking up behind me and hitting me over the head???

Two people told ian gallagher they loved him through a phone, and he heard the wrong one.

anonymous asked:

is it alright to use your art as a phone background?

Sure, that’s perfectly fine!

Anonymous said: So I stumbled into this song like 5 minutes ago (“Fairly Local” by Twenty One Pilots)… For some reason, it sounds like John Simm to me, but like Sam Tyler-era.

Hmm certain verses (namely the first one) do remind me a little bit of LoM but the rest doesn’t really bring it to mind for me

Anonymous said: You are absolutely fabulous! -throws sparkles for you- Fantastic!

Anonymous said: I feel 2 things  1) Alec hardy and Ellie miller should get together  2) I wonder what what would happen if joe came and like watched them all the time. Both of them.   Btw Love your blog  Here’s a heart ❤️

Ah thanks. I personally don’t ship Hardy and Ellie as anything other than close friends and they’ll be one of my favourite non-romantic/non-sexual OTPs ‘til my dying day, but you know, whatever floats your boat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am trying. I am trying very hard to see the other side.

And then I come across a particular brand of MK stans — the ones who have to rewrite vast swaths of the story to get to the better ending that Bryke would have written if they knew how to write stories and didn’t suck at romance.

I’m like, “What parallel universe did I just fall into?” It’s hilarious and disturbing at the same time.

everyone talks about steve rogers being a huge advocate for equality

but have you considered how viciously bucky barnes would fight for equal rights for everybody

it really bugs me when people are like “wow this is NOT a kid’s show!” as if kids have no capacity to process upsetting or deep or meaningful content, and as if all content for children should be as vapid and safe as possible

Please reblog if you would not stop roleplaying with someone because of their mun's race.

This means that you would accept them if they were Black, Hispanic, or Arab too. I’ve honestly been blind to this issue up until now, and it makes me feel like such an asshole. Lets unite as a community and let everyone who has ever faced bigoted racists that there is nothing wrong with them, are there is no reason why they should have to lie about their ethnicity or race. 

Rei sees pics and stuff for the dumb magical boys anime and notices the red one looks like Nagisa and only starts watching the show for him.

And then he slowly turns into a closet weeaboo.