so i actually got hit by one of those ‘reblog do not reblog’ people

and i have to say

of all of the posts of mine that i’ve tagged as ‘donut rebagel’

(including bizarre gender feels posts, long angsty readmores, and (i think) at least one shirtless selfie)

the one you go for is me talking about tic tac toe simulation

i’m honestly just disappointed


((OOC: Hey guys! I just wanted to show you a few pictures that I took during my visit to the March Field Air Museum here in California! This was last year, probably around August when I went? And dear lord, this museum was amazing to visit. They had so many historical memoirs and the like, mainly of World War II and other events happening in the 20th Century. The gift shop had the most amazing things and their tours and tutorials were amazing. It was so informational and I absolutely enjoyed it. The tiring walk around was worth it, lmao.

And while I was there, there were directors and actors recording a scene for the movie Sharknado 3, coming out this year, I believe? At least, that’s what I was told by security before being escorted to the detour. ^^;;  

It’s a really beautiful museum, honoring those who have fought in these wars and the like. The twentieth century was a very dark age, in my opinion. It was the century that changed the world, and that might be why I’m so in love with it. 

If you guys ever get the chance, you should really visit this place! It’s amazing. ; v ; <3 I’ve got plenty more pictures, so if you’re interested in seeing more, maybe tell me and I’ll post them! They had some really cool Russian items and propaganda posters too.))

darksprawn asked:

hello yes im ignoring real life issues in favor of sending you ask box hate bc you don't support an unrealistic age for leadership roles or pedophiliac tendencies with teenage and barely legal adults shipped with 30-50 year olds. ps. i would like to inform you that you're a meanie butt

you’re right i should just delete right now :’( sadface.

AAAALRIGHT, ‘serious’ talk guys.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning, (the bus is supposed to leave at 6:45, so it means I’ve got to get up around 5 and I’m so not ready for this) until Sunday evening (around 7pm), because we’re goiNG ON A SCHOOL TRIP. (they’re ruining my weekend, but we’re going to the south of France, so sea, sex and suuun ! and museum visits.

why am I saying this ? because there’s a 90% chance I won’t have wifi, and it’s breaking my heart, but it’s probably for the best. (I should probably delete the tumblr app from my phone to avoid wasting my phone credit over it - i’m still allowing myself to use snapchat tho yay)

in anyways, my weekend at home in front of my computer may be ruined, but I’ll be with my friends, and I’ll still be here Monday morning to get my heart broken by Shameless at 3am (because yes we’re changing our clocks guyyys)

in the meantime, I’ll kinda miss you guys :) (I’ve got to stop saying ‘guys’ … I’ll work on that)

"You would rather talk to your friends than your own parents????"
Well, yeah, because at least I know that my friends won’t make fun of my views and mock me when I stand up for something. When they do, however, at least they apologize.


maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true, then there wouldn’t be a single thing we couldn’t do.


She’s five-foot three, green eyes, fair skinned, and her hair’s actually strawberry blonde.