If you’re worried about shipping because of what the VAs have said, just remember this: The VAs have no control over the production, animation, narrative, music, or story, and they are there to provide the characters with voices and to do a bit of promoting for the show. Granted, all the VAs have their favorite preferred couple, but what their preferences are will have no impact on the outcome of the show, just like the fans have no real impact on the outcome of the show. Whatever happens happens because it is what Mike and Bryan wanted to happen. LoK and the Avatar Universe belongs to THEM, and they are allowed to go in any direction with the story and/or shipping.
—  It doesn’t matter, in terms of the outcome of the show, if David ships Makorra, Janet ships Korrasami and Borra, and that Dante shipped Zutara during AtLA. They have no say in what actually happens.

sheepy sheepy hair, my hair is puffy as are my eyes. i have cried too much today, these past couple of days actually, and i still feel a lot of tears behind my eyes. today my love went back to his home in the united states again after three months of having been together, every day, day and night. the hardest part of today (tearing up as i write this) was having to walk into the opposite direction of him. he on his way to the plane and i on my way out of the airport, looking over my shoulder for the very last time seeing the back of his head disappearing amongst the other travelers. space between us growing larger, 5 meters… 10 meters, soon to be over 4000 kilometers. it didn’t feel right at all, my cheeks wet with tears and my heart laying smashed to pieces on the departure-hall floor. i wish i had yelled his name then, not caring about making a scene, just to be able to hold him one more time. i know this sounds very cheesy and horribly clichéd but i would honestly do anything to hold him, to burry my face into his chest, for just one more time.


quite frankly I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, this being the top post on the casxhannah tag, or the top related tag being “notp”

children need to grow up 

a way with words

jhope/suga | pg-13 | ~725 words
Yoongi finds the perfect word

because of this and because i have zero self-control, obviously


Yoongi used to think Hoseok is so bright he’s practically sunshine. But lately he’s realized that it doesn’t fit. Hoseok isn’t the sun—there has to be something else that describes him better.

It hurts when you look at the sun for too long. You’re forced to close your eyes, because it gets too intense sometimes, but Hoseok, Hoseok is never too intense. He’s always just right—the perfect amount of joy. Yoongi never closes his eyes when looking at Hoseok. If anything, whenever he sees Hoseok, he ends up staring, because Hoseok is such a sight. Yoongi can look at him forever and die happy.

Maybe Hoseok is a breeze, thinks Yoongi as he watches Hoseok practicing the moves to Beautiful. He flows, easy and light, and Yoongi swears Hoseok is floating. If Yoongi were any better a dancer, he would have wished to be the one Hoseok dances with during the chorus. But right now, he’s content with just watching.

The music stops and Seokjin approaches Hoseok for help in their latest choreography, and Yoongi realizes that breeze isn’t good enough for Hoseok. How is he a breeze when the way he moves can shake the whole room (and, apparently, the insides of Yoongi’s chest, because his heart is beating so hard it could come out of his ribcage). Yoongi would call him a tornado, but people hate tornados.

Perhaps, Yoongi muses, Hoseok is summer. Everybody likes summer. Summer has breezes, but summer also has waves crashing hard on the shore. Summer is warm, just like Hoseok, and sometimes hot, (let’s pretend Yoongi doesn’t say this, but) just like Hoseok.

But days go by and summer passes, and Yoongi again realizes that no, summer isn’t quite right, either. Summer comes and goes, but Hoseok stays. Hoseok never walks away—he’s there when you want him, he’s there when you don’t. Hoseok is always around, and Yoongi doesn’t tell him enough how glad he is about it.

Taehyung does aegyo on the stage of their fansign, and Hoseok laughs, loud and beautiful, and Yoongi finds the perfect word.

Hoseok is music. Music flows, light and easy, but with the right beat, it smashes, fast and powerful. Music is sexy. Nobody hates music. It makes you feel things—it cheers you up and lifts your mood, and it’s always there when you need it. Music is endless. And unpredictable. Just like Hoseok.

"What were you thinking about?" Hoseok asks in between scrawls of signatures and silly fan services. Yoongi loves being at the end of the line next to Hoseok—if they’re lucky, Jimin and Taehyung and Seokjin are going to take forever with a fan and the line will get stuck and Yoongi gets that much more time to be alone with Hoseok. There are numerous cameras watching, but Yoongi will take what he can get.

"Mm?" Yoongi turns to Hoseok and smiles. Music is the exact word for Hoseok, he thinks. Perfect fit. "You," he answers finally, grinning because why not. It’s Hoseok.

Hoseok laughs, and his lips turn heart-shaped, and his eyes crescents, and Yoongi can’t breathe. Hoseok flings one arm around Yoongi’s shoulder and thank god for the fans’ uproar, because otherwise the sound of Yoongi’s heartbeat will probably echo inside the room. This is too close, Yoongi screams inside his head, but Hoseok doesn’t seem to agree, as he pulls Yoongi even closer, the sides of their faces almost touching. “You need to tell me more,” whispers Hoseok.

Later, Yoongi will browse through fantaken pictures and see how his face looks like when he stares at Hoseok, and Yoongi will think it’s ridiculous how obviously endeared he is by his bandmate. But for now he stares, at Hoseok’s pretty smile, at his pretty eyes and his prettily styled hair, and he lets himself lean into Hoseok’s side hug, a little too long, a lot too comfortable, promising “I will” with a love-struck smile.

Yoongi had never guessed that he’d like something as much as he likes music. But he steals a glance sideways and watches the way Hoseok interacts with fans, looking like sunshine and moving like a breeze, as refreshing as summer and as perfect as music. And maybe Yoongi really likes Hoseok, after all.

What if every time they talked about “ships” in the Iliad, they actually weren’t talking about ships, in the way of boats, but the were talking about ships in the way of shipping in the way of desiring people to get in a relationship.

Reading the Iliad will never be the same again.

어느새 빗물이
내 발목에 고이고
참았던 눈물이
내 눈가에 고이고
I cry

-Epik High ft. Younha 

was doodling umbrellas while listening to this song then it kinda turned into this~

So much fun.

In other news of this week looking up: my new AP walked by my classroom today and decided to pop his head in because “it looked like we were having fun in here.”

The kiddos were busy in groups, working on rather large post-its to — in small baby steps that took all class period — identify conflicts, determine their resolutions (if any), identify the most important conflicts within each category, discuss subjects that the story focuses on, use all of the above information to develop three possible themes of the story, then narrow it down to one, and [finally!] choose a representative to share their best theme with the class.

[It was a real party.]