A kimekomi Shouki doll for Boys’ Day. Shouki, or Zhong Kui, as he was originally known, is a character from Chinese mythology who quells demons.

This particular doll was made by the Mataro Doll Company, which is famous for its high-quality kimekomi dolls. Like many other Mataro dolls, this dolls is very expressive-looking, detailed, and clothed in gorgeous brocades.

Hero-X Exclusive Shouki & Daniel Box Art Revealed!

Hero-X Exclusive Shouki & Daniel Box Art Revealed! #Transformers #TakaraTomy #Generations #Exclusive

Hero-X has updated their website with the box art that will be featured in their mail away exclusive Shouki and Daniel figure.  Shouki is a redeco of Classics Astrotrain in colors reminiscent of the Headmasters character while Daniel is a redeco of Power Core Groundspike meant to look like Skystalker.  The duo was only available for those that purchased Generations 2014 Volume 1 and sent the mail…

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