Utenablogging: Why Anthy Keeps Vanishing From Her Clothes

She enters the gondola as a schoolgirl, but she vanishes and the clothes fall to the ground, and the roses grow through her clothes because Anthy is not that carefree, smiling person. She’s not there. The roses are the beautiful illusion of the rose bride that fill her place.

Her rose bride outfit falls away from the couch to reveal her disheveled and naked when Nanami sees Akio abusing her. The noble rose bride Utena fights for is not the real Anthy. She’s not there, either.

And her princess dress falls empty to the ground after she betrays Utena, because she’s not there, either.

The Anthy caught up in swords is Anthy’s “witch” self-identity, created by self-loathing and punished eternally for the crime of stealing the Prince from the world by being his victim. She is nearly naked except for the swords, which she wears as her final empty costume, and she is the last illusion to vanish. She’s not even there.

the real Anthy has been in the coffin, naked and without illusions or costumes, all this time, and Utena has never seen her before.

She’s not an innocent and carefree schoolgirl. Empty costume.

She’s not a mystical rose bride to be fought over. Empty costume.

She’s not a betraying princess. Empty costume.

She’s not a witch who deserves to be punished. The swords are another empty costume.

She’s just a scared girl in the dark, finally choosing to come out into the light after someone took the time to meet her as herself instead of one of her many costumes.

world revolution: granted.