Today I saw SO many people that used to be the people closest to me in my life.

It made me really sad, that theyre all doing exams- all smiling and laughing and enjoy their beautiful lives. So I sat on bancroft and cried, and cried, and cried.

I’ve lost myself to this illness, it took away all my happiness, the happiness i COULD have been sharing with those amazing people.

I just wanted to scream and cry and tell every single one of them what I was doing. Not just handing out CV’s to get a job, the real reason behind why I spent all day going from chemists to supermarkets to poundshops frantically. I just wish I hadnt fucked up.

Well- it’ll all be over soon anyway.

Happy Anniversary (probably part 1)

"Oh shit. We’re going to miss the train."

Thoughts of spending the day in the bedroom of the Tealby house, far closer in design to a castle, left as Adam pulled his leather jacket back on. He hoped how he had done it would remain a secret, even if he knew Henry would eventually work it out. A series of emails and bribes (including a set of mostly intact Trojan armor) had done the job nicely.

He refused to tell Henry where they were going, even on the train, or as they stepped off onto the platform in the afternoon. The little the hamlet of Shottery escaped the attentions of all but the most dedicated of Shakespearean enthusiasts. Bits of purple cloth had covered the walkway signs, removing any hint of their destination until the road resembled more of a garden than a walking path.

Adam talked of Shakespeare. Of the plays, of the Bard’s life, hinting at a surprise he had in store for Henry.

A man, a human, was standing ahead of them, momentarily stunned that anyone had actually shown up. He recovered his wits easily enough or seemed to and began to take them on the tour, relaxing into the familiar roll. The thatched twelve-roomed farmhouse contained many original items of furniture, including the Bed. The giant willow, the fragrant blooms, the wicker seating area. Parts of the house dated to the 15th century. Modern additions had been thoroughly and carefully removed until it was back to the relevant time-period.

They walked sculpture trail, dotted here and their with statues depicting a character from Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays. Adam had clearly paid off the man to hide the connection from the tour, while dropping as many hints as possible. They talked about and walked the gardens for most of an hour, finally the only thing left was the Garden path, circling closest to the house.

The cottage was known as Newlands Farm in Shakespeare’s day and had more than 90 acres of land attached to it. As in many houses of the period, it has multiple chimneys to spread the heat evenly throughout the house during winter. The largest chimney was used for cooking. It also has visible timber framing, typical of vernacular Tudor style architecture. And… this were where the young William Shakespeare courted his future bride Anne Hathaway at her family home.

The man’s job nearly done and the sun beginning to set, he handed Adam an envelope, told him that if they broke anything the historians would be on them for the rest of time and left the vampires to it.

Adam smiled to Henry.

"We could take another turn about the gardens or go inside? It’s ours for the weekend. The gifts are back in Tealby though I do have some fall roses here for you. Coming here was a last minute thing.”

Muck up day was always hilarious. Can’t believe this was 4 years ago though. What a bunch of idiots 🍊🍌🍑 @ampayne94 @aliciawhitworthh #tbt #shottery