yesterday was mostly lovely: 

everyone got teary eyed at each others poems in creative writing,

we went to shottery after college and i got drunk and spoke to a girl i’ve never given a chance to about unruly dads and depression and being brave and we hugged lots and called each other beautiful

sat on a swing with jade + talked about moving on and how great ibiza is gonna be

curled up on the back seat of will’s car with the stratford road going past thinking about college and growing up and how far we’ve all come since we were timid year 12s in love with the wrong people and too stubborn to talk to people who we weren’t best friends with


Muck up day was always hilarious. Can’t believe this was 4 years ago though. What a bunch of idiots 🍊🍌🍑 @ampayne94 @aliciawhitworthh #tbt #shottery

Much up day was always great. Can’t believe this was 4 years ago though. Bunch of idiots. @aliciawhitworthh @ampayne94 #tbt #shottery