Today I saw SO many people that used to be the people closest to me in my life.

It made me really sad, that theyre all doing exams- all smiling and laughing and enjoy their beautiful lives. So I sat on bancroft and cried, and cried, and cried.

I’ve lost myself to this illness, it took away all my happiness, the happiness i COULD have been sharing with those amazing people.

I just wanted to scream and cry and tell every single one of them what I was doing. Not just handing out CV’s to get a job, the real reason behind why I spent all day going from chemists to supermarkets to poundshops frantically. I just wish I hadnt fucked up.

Well- it’ll all be over soon anyway.


The unbelievably weird and ugly sculptures installed at Anne Hathaway’s* Cottage in Shottery, Warwickshire, England.

In order:
-Hamlet: What Wilt Thou Do For Her by Michele Firpo-Cappiello
-Brutus by Isaac Graham
-King Lear by Eve Pomerantz
-Titania and Bottom by Gemma Smith
-Falstaff, What is Honour by Niels Helvig Thorsen

*William Shakespeare’s wife, not the actress.

Muck up day was always hilarious. Can’t believe this was 4 years ago though. What a bunch of idiots 🍊🍌🍑 @ampayne94 @aliciawhitworthh #tbt #shottery