shepherd-blaine said:

You know, one where Sho is a Barista and tries to impress Jun with his latte art, but it's still Sho and the fact that it doesn't require as many details as proper art doesn't change the fact that he still sucks at it. His senior co-worker Nino told him to start with simple things like hearts, but he overheard Jun being a Ghibli fan, and he really wanted to impress him, so he went with a Totoro based on his memory, since he didn't have the time to google a reference pic.

publishing because this is so cute, THIS is exactly how any sakumoto coffee shop au should go.

when sho serves the totoro (shotoro to be exact) latte to jun and he’s all heart eyes motherfucker at him, jun’s like, ‘um what is this supposed to be?’ and sho’s so so crushed that he actually deflates because damn it universe he even put this mei-chan character aiba told him about in there and still jun doesn’t get it? :(

(meanwhile senior barista ninomiya is laughing and trying to hide it using his arm but he’s tearing up because sho is just so cute when he’s crushing on someone and he tries so hard)