Backseat Serenade (Luke smut)

So I asked you guys last week about whom you wanted smut inspired by Backseat Serenade written and I got a shit load of messages asking for Luke so here you go! 

It’s very similar to the song (and I’ve included some lines from it) so if you havent heard it before, you can check out the song right here!


"Luke, can you come over? I need someone.." I said on the phone to my best friend. "I’ll be there in 10 minutes" he replied and I put my phone down. Luke and I had been this way for almost as long as I’d known him. It was a never ending cycle that started when we were both drunk one night and I got lonely, so we’d have some sex that would mean nothing more than just that. We had just ended up being friends with benefits without ever intending for it to happen.

"Hi!" I said smiling, and opened the door. It was a hot Saturday afternoon and from the sweat dotting his forehead, I realised that Luke had walked here. "If you’re happy, why am I here?" he asked, walking in. "Because I needed-" "Sex" he cut me short. I shook my head, "I want sex" I said, trying to make him notice the difference.

He bit the corner of his lip, and I pulled him towards me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pressing his lips to mine. We’d done this so many times before that he knew exactly what I wanted. He sucked on my lower lip, pulling away slightly but I quickly pushed myself towards him, tangling one of my hands into the ends of his hair.

I felt Luke’s hands slip under my shirt, holding my waist, and I guided his face down to my neck, leaning my head back. I used my free hand to meddle with the button of his jeans. He placed small, soft kisses along my jawline, and I undid the button, pulling his jeans down. I heard him moaning against my neck as he dragged his kisses down and he stepped out of his pants.

He moved his lips off my skin, and I pulled his hands off me, guiding them to my shirt, placing them right on top of my boobs on purpose. He smirked massaging them, “You know me so well” “Off” I commanded, and Luke touched his forehead to mine.  “Gladly” he replied, slightly touching his lips to mine and he tugged at my bottom lip as his hands slowly undid the buttons of my shirt.

I vaguely hear Backseat Serenade start playing on my radio, and Luke let go of my lips and started kissing me in a line down my neck following his fingers. As he undid a button, he sucked hard on the now exposed skin, slowly sinking to his knees in front of me. “Luke..” I moaned, feeling a wetness between my legs as Luke’s kisses got closer to my shorts. He finally undid my shirt and held my waist, “Take it off for me, baby” he said, before kissing me below my belly button, sucking on my skin and looking up at me as I pulled my shirt off my shoulders and threw it aside.

I looked down at him as he undid the button on my shorts, pulling them halfway down my legs and traced his fingers up my outer thighs to my panties. “You aren’t even going to take your t-shirt off?” I asked, resting my hands on top of his to stop him from pulling my panties off even though I wanted it to bad. “Whatever you say” he said, dragging his hands down my legs and to his t-shirt, lifting it off his head. I watched at the sweat glistening on his chest and he looked up at me, “Now can I?” I nodded, and he bit his lip, hooking his hands on the top of my panties, sliding them down my legs, and pulling it off me along with my shorts.

He tangled his fingers with mine, surprising me a little and pulled my hands, “Sit down” he said, and I did so, still unsure about what was happening. It was always something different whenever Luke and I had sex but I had at least a vague idea of what to expect. He was kneeling between my legs now and used his hands to pull them apart a little more as he leaned forward, kissing me. I felt one of his hands drawing small patterns above my slit, while his other hand quickly undid my bra, pulling it off my shoulders.

"Okay?" he asked, and I nodded, feeling him exhaling against my cheek as he rubbed up and down my slit. I leaned forward into his chest, and kissed it, feeling the heat of his skin beneath my lips. "Oh my god, Luke.." I moaned, when he slowly moved one finger into me, rubbing hard against my clit. I couldn’t help but suck hard on his skin to muffle my moans as he rubbed his finger in circles in me.

"One more?" he asked and I nodded, leaning my head back as Luke used his free hand to press my shoulder so I would lie on the floor. I closed my eyes as I felt Luke’s kisses move from my neck, to between the valley of my boobs and down my stomach. "Fuck" I gasped when he quickly thrust another finger into me, while simultaneously sliding his tongue in. He sucked my clit, as he moved his fingers in circles inside me, holding my hips down with his other hand.

"You’re doing this so right, Luke" I breathed out, closing my eyes and tangling my fingers into my hair, and Luke swirled his tongue around my clit, as he pulled his fingers almost all the way out before thrusting them in again, moving them in a come hither motion, right against my G-Spot. "Fuck, you’ve got it, Luke. Keep going" I moaned, unable to stop myself from biting my bottom lip. He sucked harder on my clit, before licking around it with his tongue, as he rubbed my insides.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD" I yelled, feeling my inner thighs shaking as I reached my peak, while Luke continued to massage his fingers in me. I felt him moan inside me, the vibrations of his voice making me push against his hand and thrust my hips up towards him. I half opened my eyes when he lifted his lips off me, licking them. I exhaled, opening my eyes completely as he pulled his fingers out of me, sitting up between my legs and licking them.

"I’ll never get tired of how you taste" he murmured, and I sat up, lifting myself up slightly so I could sit on his legs. I felt his sweaty chest pressing against mine and I slowly grinded down against his bulge. "I’ll never get tired of this, Luke" I replied, letting one of my hands massage Luke’s hard on. I kissed one of his collar bones, then the space between the two, before kissing the other, feeling it rising as Luke hunched forward towards me.

"You really want more?" Luke asked, and I nodded, feeling his hands holding my back as he stood up with my legs wrapped around his waist. I held onto to Luke as he threw me against the wall like so many times before but this was different because neither of us were drunk. This was deliberate. Luke pulled his boxers off as I kissed the sweat off his chest, running my finger tips down his sides.

I let one of my legs slide off Luke and rest on the floor, but Luke continued to hold my other leg below my knee so it was wrapped around his waist. His other hand grabbed my arse and he pressed me into the wall using his hips. I wrapped one of my hands around the base of his cock and pumped up and down a few times. I could feel him throbbing under my touch, as he hid his face in the crook of my neck, his breathing getting faster.

"I need to be in you. Please." Luke begged. I held my breath and felt Luke gasped as he slowly moved into me. I was already very sensitive from my first orgasm so every thrust from Luke pushed me closer to my next one. I felt Luke’s body pressing closer to mine as he thrust deeper each time and his moans were muffled swears hidden in my neck. I could feel his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead as he pressed his lips hard against my neck and I rested my chin on his shoulder, gripping his hair, as his thrusts got faster and sloppier.

"Luke, I don’t think I can-" "FUCK" Luke yelled, cutting me off as he thrust hard into me reaching his peak. Hearing him screaming my name made me feel a pull in my lower abdomen as my second orgasm hit me. "Fuckfuckfuck" I screamed, holding on to Luke because I couldn’t stand. "Oh my god.." Luke breathed out, still not moving his head out of the crook of my neck and we both stood pressed against the wall in silence for a few seconds, our breathing almost in sync like it always was every time we were done having sex.

I gasped as Luke pulled out of me and I let my leg slide off him and stood on my tip toes, with my hands still wrapped around Luke’s neck and his around my waist. “I’m in love with you” Luke murmured, quickly followed by a “Damn it. I-I don’t know why I said that.” “Luke, you can’t..” “Can’t what?” “Be in love with me. We’re supposed to be friends. With benefits” “We are but fuck. I am in love with you, okay? And god, I’m sick of sleeping alone.” I looked up at Luke’s face and damn it, I was in love with him, too. I’d known that for too long, “But we can’t mess this up, Luke. And telling you that I love you too would do just that..” “Wait. You love me too?” Luke asked, cocking his head to one side.

"Yes, you idiot. I haven’t gone out with a guy in months. It’s been ages since we’ve both had drunk sex. It’s been deliberate for so long now." "And you just had two orgasms in one day" Luke said, smiling a little. "I did. And it’s all you. I’m in love with you and this is so stupid because nothing will ever be the same after this and-" Luke pressed his lips to mine, making me stop. "Nothing will be the same because now I refuse to go home after sex. And because we can go on dates and I can spoil you and I can call you mine and we can still have sex that keeps getting better every time" Luke said, touching his forehead to mine.

I nodded and we stood quietly for a few seconds. “Can we um.. cuddle?” I asked, softly. “Yes, please.. But I’m probably a bad cuddler” Luke whispered, kissing my nose. “No such thing” I said, then continued, “I’m in love with you” giggling when I realised what just happened. “I know. I’m in love with you, too” Luke replied, letting go of me. He picked his t-shirt off the floor and handed it to me, and I put it on as Luke put on his boxers and I wore my panties.

"Do you still have that smiley face t-shirt?" I asked, walking to the couch. "What?" Luke asked, clearly confused as he sat down next to me. "I’ve always wanted to wear that. After we have sex, you know?" I said, as Luke laid down on the couch. He giggled and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his hips. I placed my hands on his bare chest, feeling it vibrate as he said, "I do but I’m too punk rock to wear it now" "You still think penguins are cool because they come with a built in tuxedo. You can wear the smiley face t-shirt next time" I said, laughing.

"It’s white so after sex, let’s have a water fight okay?" Luke suggested, holding my waist and pulling me down towards him. "Perv" I said, giggling and kissed Luke’s nose. "So is that a yes?" I nodded and Luke whisper-yelled, "Woohoo!" and giggled. I rested my head on his chest, feeling it rise and fall as Luke reached for the remote. He slipped his hand under my t-shirt, but this wasn’t sexual. He just drew patterns on the small of my back, as he flipped through the channels. He kissed the top of my head when we reached a channel which was playing some odd movie from the 1940s. "I like this" Luke said, "The movie?" I asked, looking up at him and resting my chin on the space between his collar bones. "No, silly. This. Us." "So do I, Luke" I replied, watching his smile growing as I kissed up his neck until I reached his lips that I knew so well.


Material List

College is currently taking up too much of my time so requests are closed but I’m working on these (and they should be up sometime this week):

  1. Michael smut about you being each others’ first time

  2. 4/4 blurb about dancing around the house

  3. Backstage sex (undecided about whom so if you’re still reading, tell me who you’d like it about!)


Oh my god

Shady Sanitarium (Part Three - Luke Hemmings)



Sooo Y/N is finally introduced into the Fanfic woohoo! And as many expected, she is a mental girl living at the sanitarium ツ 

Shady Sanitarium Part One

Shady Sanitarium Part Two

The gutted feeling that had ran down Luke’s spine were still lingering in his veins as the boys and him were walking behind Marion and John, heading back towards the normal part of the sanitarium.

Marion opened the last door and let them walk in first, making sure to lock the door before they headed down the hallway back towards the canteen and community area. Michael looked to his right side, noticing a staircase, “Hey Marion, where does that lead?” He asked making Marion stop in track. “That’s where the more rather normal patients live. There’s no need to check that out, it looks just like the place you’re sleeping at.” She explained, giving the boys a smile as they started walking again.

"Lunch is first at 13:30. Any suggestions of how you could kill time?" "Why can’t we just pull out our instruments from the van already?" Ashton suggested but Marion shook her head. "We gotta do that when the patients aren’t around in the community room. It would cause too much trouble if we had to do it whilst they’re around on their own here." Ashton’s mouth formed an "o" by Marion’s words, nodding his head afterwards. "What to do then?" John asked in a tired tone, crossing his arms. "Well you can always try to interact with the patients." Marion suggested making all 4 boys eyes wide. "Well, we could do that." Calum shrugged his shoulders as he spoke. "Please no." Michael almost begged looking pleading at the other boys. "Well Michael you could always help Mary with the food in the kitchen. Then you guys can go talk with some patients." Marion added in a suggestion, looking at Ashton, Calum and Luke. "Deal." Michael spoke for them with a nod, already starting to walk towards the kitchen. "Okay then." Marion answered, smiling at the boys.

Luke, Ashton and Calum looked wide eyed at each other before looking at her, Ashton opening his mouth to speak up, “So we’ll just walk in and start a conversation?” “Ashton it’s not like they’re not human beings?” Luke grumbled smacking Ashton in the back of the head. “Do whatever pleases you.” She smiled, “As long as you watch out and keep an eye on what you’re saying. Some of them have more mental problems than others.”

The boys nodded their head before Calum was the first one to turn around, walking towards the door and opened it, Ashton and Luke right behind as they all walked in through the door, being met by a few employees and patients. “So we’ll just chose one to chat with or?” Ashton trailed off, looking at the other boys in a question but Calum was already far away, taken a seat next to a boy in a football jersey. “Well that was fast.” Ash mumbled, running a hand through his hair. “I’ll take her.” He pointed towards a woman with straight reddish orange hair and freckles, “she doesn’t look like someone who could kill me any second.” Ashton gave Luke a slap on the shoulder before he walked towards the woman, leaving Luke behind.

Luke’s eyes scanned the crowd as he chewed on his bottom lip. How was he going to survive through his awkward self in this area for an hour? His eyes landed on a person with their back facing him. Judging from the petite form and long wavy hair, he thought that it would be less hard to interact with a mental girl than a boy. Taking courage, he pushed his chest forward before he walked towards the girl, noticing as he got closer to her that she was holding a pencil in her hand, having a sketch book in her lap, having her knees half pushed into his chest as they were resting against the table in front of her. Luke turned around the table, pushing the chair in front of her out before he took a seat.

She didn’t react the slightest, just kept on drawing on the material in front of her. Luke chewed on his bottom lip again as his gaze felt over Ashton’s state a little bit further away from her, having a conversation with the red haired woman. Luke looked back at the girl in front of him, taking a better look at her. Her skin was pale, but not only in a way that said she was on a lack of D vitamins. It was like all the energy in her was drained out and replaced. But with what he couldn’t tell. Besides her not so brushed hair, she was wearing a nightgown with a darkish blue sweater over it. There was no name tag or some sort of information about her besides that.


Luke took courage to actually say something, but still nothing from the girl. Luke hesitated in his voice by the rejection so he leaned forward on his elbows that were resting on the wooden table, taking a look down at the sketch book. “What are you drawing?” To be honest in his head it sounded like the stupidest question to date, but all he wanted was to try to start a conversation and in reality, he couldn’t really conclude what she was drawing.

“Thoughts.” Her voice was timid, yet it still managed so shock him as she spoke quietly to him, not looking up from the book as her pencil worked up and down on her masterpiece. “It’s pretty.” Luke mumbled, even though he couldn’t see what it was. She looked up at him fast, her Y/E/C showing dullness before they removed gaze back towards the book. He took another look at the picture. The picture scattered with red, black and gray colors, not really showing some sort of objects. “Is this how you express yourself?” She looked up again by the question, staring at him like he was asking something inappropriate. She didn’t answer but kept on staring at him. Luke started to feel an uncomfortable feeling run down his spine so he grabbed his phone from his pocket, opening Twitter. She stared at him for a few more seconds, taking in his face features. There was something about this boy. Something slight different.

She turned her attention away from Luke and back to the sketch book where she kept her eyes on for almost an hour, leaving Luke to entertain himself on his phone. He barely noticed that Marion had arrived into the room again, Ashton and Calum leaving the patients to walk towards her.

"Oh dear god." Marion almost moaned, looking wide eyed. "What’s wrong?" Ashton asked with knitted eyebrows. Marion didn’t say a thing, just waved two of the other employees towards her. When they approached her she pointed with her fingers towards Luke. "How is that even possible!" "We have no idea to be honest." They both said in unison, everyone looking at Luke now. "And she hasn’t done anything yet?" Marion asked more quietly now. "Not a single thing." The male employer answered to Marion’s shock. "What do you mean?" Calum interrupted, knitting his eyebrows now. "The girl Luke is sitting in front of is one of our rather.. Difficult patients if you can say it in that way." The female employer explained, the male and Marion nodding their heads. "She is mental unstable. Not very good at handling situations and especially not new people." Ashton and Calum looked over at the girl in front of Luke, the pale skin illuminating out from the curly locks that were covering her face. "What’s her name?" Calum asked. "Y/N Y/L/N."

Luke looked down at his phone to check the time again, his screen showing that lunch was just around the corner. “I uhm- I have to leave now, lunch is probably ready.” He mumbled in an awkward tone. You looked up from your sketching paper slowly, giving him an intense glare. Luke folded his lips together as you kept on staring, making him push out his chair, ready to stand up. “I think they’re ready to give you your medicine as well.” Luke pointed behind you, and by the mention of medicine you looked around fast before roaring out a massive scream, startling and shocking Luke, his mouth opening and eyes wide. “Here we go again.” Marion mumbled as the employees ran towards you to calm you down, Luke pushing his chair out fast before he stood up and sprinted towards the boys and her.

"Way to go dude." Calum commented both him and Ashton eyeing Luke’s shocked state. "I have no idea what happened." He tried to shake off the gutted feeling but it kept on coming back to his veins. "It’s normal." Marion reassured, placing a hand on Luke’s shaking upper arm. "Wait she was the girl who screamed last night?" Marion nodded her words by Ashton’s question. "So she’s the one who lives in room 24." By Calum’s question, Luke turned around fast to take another look at you. Everything made sense now, it was your mock of curls he had seen fast.

"So lunch it is now I guess?" Marion suggested breaking Luke out of his frozen state. The boys nodded their head ready to walk out but Luke took a last glare behind his back.

Looking down at you he caught your eye attention but this time you’re eyes weren’t intense or emotionless. They showed something that caught his eyes. You looked desperate. In a need for help, like there was a fear running down your spine.

"Are you coming Luke?" Ashton asked breaking the blond haired boy out of his frozen state. "Yeah." He answered fast before turning around, giving you a shoulder glare before he went out of the door.

Had a relationship breakthrough with my friend yesterday when we decided texting each other unfiltered pictures of our embarrassingly messy bedrooms was a good idea. (Photo blurred for dignity reasons.) As shameful as it was, we both agreed that we were definitely more motivated to spring into action—and that the bonds of our friendship were now iron-clad. Just one more way to use Instagram for good, guys. -MB