These are the images being released from the attack in Jerusalem this morning.

"At around 7am, the terrorists - wielding massive knives and a gun - entered the Kehilat Yaakov synagogue on Harav Shimon Agasi Street, which includes both a synagogue and yeshiva (rabbinical seminary), and carried out attacks in more than one location."

They butchered people with a fucking AX. They spilled our blood, in our synagogue and school. They spilled our blood, on to our sacred texts. Our holy objects, which we use for prayer, are stained red. 4 innocent civilians, students, are dead. There was also a Druze policeman who was shot and died later.

The other two images are of Gaza after the news came out. Gazans were literally celebrating in the streets and giving out candy at the news that civilians had been killed.

In school this morning, we said tachanun, a prayer for many things, in this case it was dedicated to those who died in the terror. Most of us already knew about it. It was mentioned in a few classes.

This will not be forgotten. This was not the first, but it will be the last. We cannot have peace one side is trying to limit as much destruction and casualties as possible, and the other celebrates the death of civilians by tossing candy int he streets. Its barbaric, no wonder there are ISIS supporters within the Palestinian areas.