Friends in Low Places

*After making sure the twins are safely immersed in some mind-bendingly complicated physics project, Sigyn dresses in the traditional Midgardian garb of dark jeans, flannel shirt, barncoat, and boots, and goes for a walk. The city is dark, but she finds the different energy of the nighttime invigorating.*

*Until she walks across the street without looking and is hit by a Mini Cooper. She goes flying into a stand of newspaper dispensers, knocking them all down and denting several*

*A crowd has gathered by the time she picks herself up, brushing dirt from her palms*

Your chariots travel these populated areas too quickly. *she lifts her chin, a little embarrassed at all the attention*


Look? I do not understand. I was looking ahead, where I was walking. Where you not looking ahead, where you were driving?

In Search of the Elusive Canadian Wolverine

*now that Logan’s clothes have finally been found at Stark Tower, Peter’s been sent to Westchester to return them to their rightful owner.  But…he’s having a hard time locating the headmaster of the Jean Grey for Higher Learning.

He is, however, greatly enjoying his self-guided tour of the grounds.  THe freedom and acceptance that just flow in the atmosphere is something he really finds himself taken in by.  And he’s almost lost in it when he nearly bumps right into just the person he’s looking for.*

Oh! Mister-…uh…Logan! I’m sorry, do you have a last name, or- I’m not as prepared as I should be, I-… *it takes him a second, then he snaps his fingers and throws out his index finger in recognition.* Wait a second, I know you - you were at Doctor Banner’s bachelor party.  I’m Peter.  Peter Parker, I work for Tony Stark.

A Lot of Love In This Family, But Sometimes I Just Need to Get the Hel Away From You People

*Sigyn is slow in waking up the next morning, at turns giggling over her and Sif’s tormenting of Loki and then sobering when she remembers what he had been saying in his sleep. She makes her way to the kitchen where Thor is making breakfast and Volstagg and Fandral are already roaring about their differing accounts of the battle. She grabs a piece of toast and ducks under Fandral’s arm to escape. She wanders to the living room, where the boys are bickering over who gets to pick the game on the Playstation. She turns on her heel and leaves. Sif and Hogan are already warming up in the back yard for something involving hitting things, so that’s out of the question. She stops in the foyer, Theo snuffling at her ankles, and wonders if the corpses have been cleared out of her office.*

*And if she really wants to spend the entire day in her office again.*

*She munches on her toast and sighs a little.*

The Pub that NONE OF THE TEACHING STAFF FREQUENT... because that would be totally unprofessional...

*there’s a room, at the back, and it’s populated by shady types who enjoy dubious things*

*a man sits, shuffling a deck of cards, a hat pulled low over his eyes and his booted legs, crossed, up on the table* *there’s a bottle of whiskey and an empty glass on the table*

*he looks relaxed, as though he’s waiting for something*

Winter Soldier: Loaded For Bear

*Somewhere in space, a SHIELD shuttle rockets up to a SWORD listening post*

*Inside sit Bucky, Logan and Bruce. Bucky is in his Winter Soldier uniform, holding a SHIELD datapad*

This listening post went dark about a week ago. SWORD picked up a shuttle of survivors who reported an attack by, and I quote, ‘Russian space bears’.

*he hands the datapad to Bruce*

Obviously that’s something SHIELD wants to investigate, so we’re the team. Mission’s simple. Go in, look around, if there’s bears, get rid of 'em.

shorthairyandoldasballs asked:

*there's a crumpled post it note on the middle of Kitty's desk - the handwriting is quite neat, considering who wrote it* Kitty. Out of beer. Please get more - the good stuff, okay? You know what I like. - L

You got it, boss.  Got you two kinds - the one you seem to like now and the one you just got over; seems like it’s making a comeback? I left Lockheed in charge.  The kids really seem to respect him.  I guess it’s the whole dragon thing.  Watch out, he may be gunning for your job.

Also we have to talk about how you’re apparently in space right now hunting space bears.  Really? Really?