Tumblr Adds Keyboard Shortcut Guide to Desktop Dashboard: 
Press the Shift key and the Question Mark/Forward Slash key together to reveal the keyboard shortcut guide on the Desktop Dashboard. It’s a shortcut for shortcuts!

Or, if you are near the top of your Desktop Dashboard, look in the right footer (the one with links to About, Apps, Legal, Privacy). Click the keyboard icon to show the guide. Tumblr also introduced the “F” keyboard shortcut to follow a blog when you are on a “here’s a blog” recommended post.


CS6 shortcut sheets

Here’s a little project I started back in October 2011. To make a cartoonist colleagues life a little easier, I thought I’d make him a list of Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. I included every useful shortcut I could think of then made one for Illustrator and inDesign. The original Photoshop shortcut sheet went viral on Pinterest about a year ago, it got repined over 150,000 times. This is the updated CS6 version. 


cyanidehelix asked:

What is a draft layer and can you tell me if there is a keyboard shortcut to merge layers. While on the topic of shortcuts, can you point me in the direction that shows a list of shortcuts, and can I input my own shortcuts? May thanks

Ok, prepare for a kind of long post.

Draft layer is a layer that when saved does not appear in the final product. It is a layer for you to sketch, write notes, or whatever, but only you can view it when editing the file. 

There is no keyboard shortcut for merging layers. 

You cannot input your own shortcuts.

And here is a list of shortcuts that I posted so long ago I had to spend 20mins to find xD

(note: Cmmd is Ctrl, Delete is Backspace, and Option is Alt on PC)
(note again: this list has not been updated to include newer shortcuts if there are any):

Cmmd+Option+drag = resize brush

Shift = draw straight line

Cmmd+C/V= copy/paste

Cmmd+X= Cut

V= Move tool

B= Brush tool

E= eraser

Shift+B= Dot tool

N = Fill

G= Bucket

Shift G= Gradient

M= Select

W= MagicWand

S= Select Pen

Shift+S=Select Eraser

I= Eyedropper

H= Hand

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = Grids

Cmmd+ N= New

Shift+Cmmd+N= New via Clipboard

Cmmd+S= Save

Shift+Cmmd+S= Save As

Cmmd+O= Open

Cmmd+P= Print

Cmmd+K= Environment Settings

Cmmd+W= Close (different from Quit)

Cmmd+Q= Quit (different from Close)

Cmmd+Z= Undo

Shift+Cmmd+Z= Redo

Option+Cmmd+I= Image Size (different from Canvas Size)

Option+Cmmd+C= Canvas Size (different from Image Size)

Delete= Clear (Not layer clear)

Cmmd+L= Levels

Cmmd+U= Hue

Cmmd+A= All

Cmmd+D= Deselect

Shift+Cmmd+I= Inverse

Cmmd+T= Transform

Cmmd+B= Draw Selection Border

X= Swap Color

D= Initialize (Resets colors back to Black and White)

Cmmd++= Zoom In

Cmmd+-= Zoom Out

Cmmd+0= Fit to screen

Left Arrow Key= Rotate Left

Right Arrow Key= Rotate Right

Up Arrow Key= Release Rotate/Flip

Down Arrow Key= Flip

Cmmd+G= Grid (different from the other grids)

Tab= Initialize (Reset FireAlpaca to Defaults)