Paul won his unemployment appeal! This is such a good thing. This means hcan continue to look for a new job while simultaneously helping me out at the shop. And by “helping me out at the shop” I mean run the shop while i take month off to finally work on Stolen Sharpie Revolution! Once my head cleans from PZS I’m going to work on that full time!

This also means we are set to visit my folks in Houston and attend Zine Fest Houston! It’s pretty rad to think of going to a zine fest in the city I was born. I’m also planning on hitting up CanZine West in Vancouver in November and I’m going to apply for Short Run in Seattle but I probably won’t get in because they seem more book arts oriented and focus more on single authors than distros and also on Washington state artists. I don’t know. It seems that their requirements change every year so I never know if I’m wanted or not.

I’m also hoping to get to the East Bay zine thing as well. I sure hope I have energy for all this. I just feels weird to have PZS done and over for the year and July isn’t eve done yet!