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I felt a little strange and fuzzy upon waking up that morning. Something blocked my vision slightly, where my nose would have been. I looked down at myself, and I saw a fuzzy, white and blue body, accompanied by cute little feetpaws (Wriggled them, hehe cute!) and fuzzy paws.

Running my hand over my body and feeling the fuzziness, I felt something that makes my body sway slightly from side to side. As I was unable to turn around to look at what it was (Curses for being inflexible!) I hopped out of the bed and made my way to the nearest mirror.

There, staring back at me, was a reflection of a white and blue, floppy eared dog. The feeling that sways my body got stronger, and something blue was whizzing in and out of my reflection, and I angled my body. Surely enough, there was a tail. Not just any tail, but a curly one. I reached one paw to stroke it and felt its strange sensation. As I looked up and down my body with one paw over my slightly gaping mou- I mean muzzle, something around my neck caught my eye, and my heart jumped.

'Am I… collared? Is that a….' I thought to myself as I lifted my head up slightly, reaching my paw towards it. I felt its grasp around my neck; not tight but not that loose. A small jingle came from it as I slid my digits across, making me curious as to what it was.

But before I could even proceed to inspect on the weird jingle, a voice called out from across the house. “Flopsi dear, are you awake? Breakfast is ready!”

Ears perked as I heard my mother’s voice, calling out from the kitchen. ‘I’m coming!’ was what I tried to reply, but only a short bark came out.

"Flopsi? Is that you? Why do you sound like a dog?"

Oh no… how am I going to explain this to my parents!


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