Lapidot: Physical Contact

Lapis Lazuli was someone who absolutely adored physical contact or loathed it. After so long in the mirror, her physical construct was sensitive from underuse. She’d get tickled way too easily, and there was some days where a slight touch would send her either giggling or into a jerking fit trying to get away because it actually kind of hurt.

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The Struggles of being small.

1.) Tall people or even people who are foot taller than you tease you on how small you are.

2.) Mistaken for a kid or being 5 years younger than you really are.

3.) People baby you on how small you are like your a kid.

4.) When you go out with your parents they tell you to say your 12 so they don’t have to pay when in reality your 16.

5.) When your in a crowd people push and toss you around.

6.) You can’t reach cupboards, the top of your closet, shelves, or really anything. ( I constantly have to jump on the counters in my kitchen just for a cup :| )

7.) When people steal your stuff and they hold it up high in front of you which makes you have to jump to try to take it back. (Douchebags -,-* ) 

8.) Someone that’s tall to other people is like 10 times as taller to you. 

9.) Your boyfriend or girlfriend is tall and you have to get a stool to kiss them. (you might as well have a portable stool with you because you’ll never able to reach anything)

10.) Everyone constantly compares their height to yours. (Like we get I’m short and your tall  and a asshole now get over it)

11.) The struggles when it comes to sports. *cough*basketball*cough*

12.) Your legs are short so it’s hard to walk with tall people. Makes you have to run behind everyone.

13.) People can pick you like your some doll. 

14.) In group photo’s you can’t be put in the back otherwise nobody will see you.

15.) Clothing like jeans are to long. Or some shirts look like a ball gown.

16.) You need a booster seat when you drive.

17.) Your feet can’t reach the pedals in cars and along with bikes.

18.) When you go to a amusement park you have to be a certain height. (Which whoever made that rule fuck you)

19.) You have to step inside of the shopping cart to get something on top row. (So me in walmart)

20.) People use you like a human arm rest. (Um, get your arm off my shoulder)

21.) Your head is leveled with people’s crotches or elbow’s.(Hello their my friend’s crotch)

22.) Can’t stand in pools because you’ll basically drown.

23.) You need your clothes to be sewn shorter. 

24.) Looking up hurts your neck. 

25.) In school photos you were always in the front. 

Yeah reason I hate being 5 feet tall. 

Connverse: Head Over Heels Part Two

Connie gazed out onto the ocean, watching the waves tug the sand to and fro. Steven was supposed to be meeting her soon, and she simply couldn’t wait to see him again. Though they had only parted some time ago so she could go eat lunch with her mom, it sent her heart a flutter to know she was going to be seeing him again within the next ten minutes.

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