(I just started this thing with ShopSquad where I get a commission for products that people buy based on my recommendations. I’m gonna try it out by occasionally talking about stuff we already have and love. I’ll try to keep them brief or entertaining or possibly even both)

Since it is Cookie Monster’s birthday, it seems fitting to talk about this particular book in LeapFrog’s Tag Jr collection. Tag Jr is a pretty cool book/toy/party. You buy the books, download the software using the LeapFrog Connect app (Windows and Mac), and then wave the little Tag Jr doohickey (that may not be the official term) over the words on the book and it magically (electronically) reads the book to your child.

This is a really nice item for any parent who is too lazy to read to their child. Wait…no. This is a really nice item for any parent who doesn’t have a voice box. Also parents who can’t read good.

We first got a set of these shortly after Chandler’s first birthday. He didn’t really find it all that interesting at that point. Mainly because he was still trying to finish the Twilight Books (against my best wishes). But also because he couldn’t quite grasp the concept…and he could barely grasp the doohickey with his pudgy little hands.

But now that he is 2, Chandler enjoys these much more. Not only do you get to hear the story read out loud, but there are hidden audible treasures all over the book. For example, in that book pictured above, the lion roars when you put the doohickey over it. And the sun says, “Global Warming is REAL!!!” That part was a little unsettling.

So anyway, if you enjoy reading to your child, but hate the part where you have to do the reading, you should definitely check out the LeapFrog Tag Jr Book series by clicking on the link above (wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean know what I mean?)

(So that’s my first attempt at selling out. How’d I do? Was this enjoyable? Would you mind seeing more of these?)


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