hey guys! I’m going to be selling custom crocheted roses and hearts through my blog for a little while!

-hearts will be selling for $5
-medium roses will be $4
-small roses will be $3 

Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live, and will be added to the final price. Discounts will be available for packages, such as buying one of each for $10, five medium roses (a small bouquet) for $15, etc.

Contact me if you’re interested or would like more details. Order now to get them in time for Valentine’s Day!!!!


  • 1x psychedelic vector illustration of Sarah Silverman smoking on Getting Doug With High printed on an 36x24 archival matte paper
  • 1x 8.5x11 print of the outlines of the piece
  • 1x pair of black and green weed socks,
  • 3x stickers (Stoned Goofy, WPD Trichomes Logo, and Can’t Believe It’s Not Legal)
  • 1x 10ft of our Hemp Wick

Save $25 using coupon code: PINEAPPLE