Oyezoyezoyez, je profite de ces quelques nouvelles illustrations pour vous annoncer l’ouverture de ma boutique SOCIETY6 :D 

Vous étiez plusieurs à m’avoir demandé si je vendais des impressions de mes travaux, c’est fait ! J’ai aussi mis quelques visuels disponibles pour des impressions de coussins, t-shirt ou coques d’Iphone.

Si vous en commandez, n’hésitez pas à m’envoyer une photo du rendu et s’il y a des choses à améliorer, j’en prendrais note avec grand plaisir ! De même je n’ai mis en ligne que mes nouveautés, mais si vous préféreriez commander des illustrations plus anciennes, n’hésitez pas à me le demander

 ici (◐ω◑ )❤

En attendant, rebloguer cet article pourrait vraiment m’aider à démarrer :)
Bonne journée !

Hearyehearye, I take the opportunity of these few new illustrations to announce the opening of my printshop


You’ve been a lot asking me if I were selling prints of my work…Here it is ><

Some visuals are also available for pillows,t-shirt or iphone cases…

if you buy some and notice there’s little things I can improve, or if you want some older visuals I didn’t put on the shop yet, please, 

let me know here (◐ω◑ )❤ 

By the way, sending me photos of them would make me really happy !

Also, reblogging this post could reaaaally help me to begin ! ‧

Think I might start keeping a sketchbook in the VDub in case I find a nice quiet drawing spot.

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Ps Tshirt kickstarter link in my IG bio!

anonymous asked:

Belle, I noticed that when Rumple left the shop after returning your heart, you didn't take Will's hand when he reached for yours; that and I also noticed that you were messing with your wedding ring finger. What was going through your mind at that moment?

You are very observant, Nonnie. A lot went through my mind during that moment, so it’s impossible to pick just one. I suppose the main thing was fighting off the temptation to ask him to stay. I.. I really didn’t want him to walk out of the shop, but I didn’t know what to do or say to stop him. I was surprised that Will and Rumple worked together to get my heart back and that Rumple didn’t fight for me but let me go to be with Will. All of that made me want to take back what I said about him never changing. Perhaps I did throw out my chipped tea cup too soon.