A heroic teacher stopped a school shooting from happening this morning 

A high school teacher is being called a hero after the brave actions he took to stop a gunman at North Thurston High School in Lacey, Washington, on Monday morning. Shots were first reported by students on Twitter around 10:30 a.m. At least two shots were heard in the school. Brady Olson, who teaches AP government, then sprung into action and risked his life in the process.


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NTHS Shooting

Today there was a shooting at my school, North Thurston High School. Everyone got out okay. It is the most terrifying thing you can experience though. I saw so many people running for their lives and crying. Nothing here will ever be the same. If you know that someone is having problems and have any sign of showing that they might do a shooting you need to warn someone and try to get them help. I don’t want anyone to have to experience this.

Hi everyone.
I don’t usually post things like this but I really need your help. This woman in this is my best friend. We have grown up together and I love her so much. On April 23rd she was shot in the neck while driving home from work. Thankfully she is recovering however she will have a long time to go before she can return to work and support herself again. Here in Colorado there have a string of shootings that are happening on out highways and she has been the only person so far to be hurt. There are no leads on who is doing this and the shootings continue.

I am not asking for much but just to get this out and help her. She is so strong and holds God accountable for her being able to survive this ordeal. If you can donate anything I would appreciate it.
Also in an attempt to help her I will be taking commissions for cross stitches as well as crochet. Please message me for anything you might want. I will tag the ships and shows I am most comfortable doing but am willing to do anything.

Please signal boost even if you can’t donate. I just want to help her in this time of need. She deserves so much and having this happen is such a blow to everything in her life.

Thank you so much everyone

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Jessica went to the hospital for the pain she was experiencing. She sent emails and text messages to Marteese telling him that his penis was too large and it had severely damaged her cervix. She claims she was so damaged, she may not ever be able to have children. 

In the texts and emails, Jessica demanded that Marteese pay for her medical bills since it was his penis that caused her pain and suffering. Marteese refused, of course.

After Marteese told her that he was not going to be paying her medical bills, Jessica drove over to his house and shot him three times, killing him.

Jessica has been charged with 1st degree murder, which in the U.K, can get her life in prison.


Here’s a picture of the cafeteria after the gun was fired. Masses of people were running for their lives and I saw true fear for the first time in my life. This has been the most terrifying day of my life. No one was injured and the shooter was tackled down by our brave AP government class teacher Mr. Olson. When the first i was fired he ran straight towards the shooter and got him down. He potentially saved lives. The students here are wanting to get Mr. Olson on Ellen and maybe that can happen if we support it enough. My friend is starting the hashtag #OlsonOnEllen This is a brave man. We need more people to see how brave actions like this can have safer endings where no one dies. There is too much focus on the negative and we need to show how actions like his can lead to. Everyone was running and driving anywhere to get away from the shooter but we all ended up safe. I pray for everyone and hope that they can get some sleep and hopefully recover from this traumatizing incident.


Today is Tuesday but…it doesn’t really matter, this series is just great!
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