reyairia replied to your post:The science fiction trope of humanity being…

in my original story humans actually have the reputation for having sex with absolutely anything, and the other species just are kind of grossed out and are like “ugh, mammals”

And that makes much more sense.

I’m just peeved at some of my favorite sci-fi (The Sholan Aliiance) which pulls the “humans are prudes” thing and I’m alternately laughing and slamming my fists because I don’t think you understand humanity very well Miss Norman.



Sholan is a California based accessory line made with gorgeous African printed textiles. Mira Blackman, the creator, found inspiration for her line by the intricate patterned fabrics made by weavers in Kampala, Uganda. She was sweet enough to answer some questions about Sholan, and the use of organic and handmade textiles.


Tell me about Sholan & how you incorporate sustainability into your business.

Sholan is a celebration of life. We can’t celebrate life while disregarding it. At the very core of Sholan is a mission to make the revolution irresistible by providing beautiful products that are made with integrity and respect to traditional arts, artisans and the earth.


What does sustainability mean to you?                                               

That’s a good question as sustainability can mean so many things. To me sustainability means doing things in the hopes of making them last such as ongoing employment for economic independence and organic fabrics as a protective measure for the earth. Also, hand woven fabric increases employment. It can take hours to weave a couple yards of fabric, unlike a machine that weaves yards in minutes but renders humans and their traditional arts useless.


What type of accessories do you offer? 

Sholan uses a combination of handwoven hand dyed organic African cotton & Kitenge to make unisex bow ties, ties, totes and clutches

Where do you find inspiration for your accessories? 

The fabrics! Their colors, textures and rhythms inspire me everyday. The kitenge was my initial inspiration for starting Sholan. I just love its vibrancy and wanted to see more of it in the streets that I walked. I am integrating more handwoven and traditional textiles now though.


Tell us a little bit about Kampala, Uganda and why you chose that particular city for all your beautiful accessories. 

Since Sholan was inspired by African fabrics it only made sense to have it produced there, especially these days when most of the kitenge houses in Africa are closing down due to being undercut by Asian producers. It’s important that Africans be included in the market for their cultural fabrics.  So I set out on a mission to find people to work with, and after months and months of  checking leads and reaching out I connected with a women run collective of weavers, dyers and sewers in Kampala, Uganda. So I went to check it out and loved what I found.  I can’t say enough good things about Kampala & Uganda. The people were incredibly kind and welcoming. The food was great. The weather is perfect and it’s just brimming with lush greenery.  

Besides online, where can we find Sholan accessories? 

There are a few stores in SF bay area that carry our stuff, Show and Tell concept shop in Oakland, Ressurect on Piedmont and Nest.  We also do occasional pop up stores as well.

What are your future plans for Sholan? 

I ask myself that everyday! For now I hope to stay creative and integrate more traditional textile arts into the pieces.


Shop Sholan here, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Love running into @omiroo any day. Especially when he’s rocking a #sholan piece from 2012. Such a blessings. Always. If you don’t know him/his art -do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself #omiroo thank you @suruclothingbrand for the good vibes! (at Downtown Oakland “The Town”)

Distilling Truth

I Leave for Uganda in less than 1 week now…

As a creative, and master procrastinator, I find myself flooded with an endless slew of ideas and potential projects. I am still learning to embrace the art of refinement and to see it not as limitation but as focus. 

These past couple weeks I have been particularly focused on distilling my enthusiasm for this project to reveal my deeper truths and motivations. I get closer every day. It’s an amazing process, and seemingly, one that may never end. At some point, however, I am hoping to find a place where it feels “good enough for now” so that I can build a mission statement that gives me a solid foundation to build on and direction to grow.

I started writing on this blog to share my process. Not because my process is anything extraordinary but because as an entrepreneur and creative I am always looking at businesses I like for ideas and inspiration. I often feel like there is this screen… a story and or products we are all given to relate to. I am curious about the creators though, the designers and the makers. I am as intrigued by the process as I am the product.  So I’m sharing some of my process.