Ahhhhh that’s some crazy leopard print!

I put the studs on myself *smugness*

This shirt was a little more expensive, as i bought it from the red charity shop, can’t recall the name, but the one that’s more expensive than other charity shops.

It was around 4.49, i recall, and it’s a size 18, which is too big for me, but you know what, i always buy my clothes too big, if clothes can look good on you baggy and tight, then you know they are versatile.

I’m not sure what the allure is about second hand for me, but it’s not restricted only to clothes, but also to animals. Yes I am a fucking taxidermy queen.

I like the idea of something being able to be beautiful after death, it’s all about making use of things when they have been valued as worthless, even if the value is just asthetic.