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Random Status Update of the Unlabeled Period of Time

TIL that I have an extra bone in my foot, and that is the source of all the muscle spasms and fatigue I’ve been feeling in it for years.

And all this time I thought it was because I had permanently fucked it up somehow.

anonymous asked:

Is running barefoot on the beach bad? Also what's your opinion on wearing running shoes with no support?

I personally wouldn’t do that because I need arch support. I also can’t wear running shoes with no support for the same reason. 

But I know many people that wear minimalist shoes and have no issues! So you really need to go to a running specialty store and tell them you’re interested in those shoes and see what they say after checking out your feet.

If running barefoot on the beach doesn’t hurt you, clearly it isn’t bad for you personally. But again, it’s not something I would do or recommend. I’ve run on the beach a few times, always with my shoes.

You could also consult Google on this for some research.

mylife-myramblings asked:

I'm sorry I keep bugging you and asking you so many questions. But in your opinion, would it be alright for me to wear my tennis shoes (they're black and less than 2 months old) to my interview, as I have back problems, and the arch supports in the tennis shoes help alleviate the problems?

Generally, I recommend staying away from tennis shoes as a rule. But if you have back problems, that’s understandable. If they’re black and clean/undamaged, that makes it a little better. As long as the rest of your outfit is clean, formal, and pressed, I think you should be okay! :)

tips for working a job w/ long shifts where u have to be on ur feet all day/night & ur physically nd emotionally taxed!!!

  • charge ur phone nd bring it w/u…… if u can be a lil sneaky, it will be useful
  • bring a big water bottle u can sip from periodically to stay hydrated throughout the day– there are lots of nice things u can put into it, like cut up fruit, mint leaves, and lemon juice, but for low-spoons days i just put a peppermint tea bag in.
  • invest in good work shoes tht offer a lot of support for ur arches. (i know- another self-care tip advising consuming….) if ur able to, splurge a little bit on these- ur feet will thank u. if the shoes themselves are not something ur able to buy, get some additional insoles (these tend to be less expensive).
  • know wht the laws about breaks in ur state / company in particular are and use tht knowledge to ensure that u get the breaks u earn!! u are entitled to ur breaks and if u need to take them, u have every right to do so. while it can be intimidating to ask for that time, u deserve it! 
  • make the most of the breaks when ur on them- bring along something tht is soothing nd comforting for u, whether tht be a book, a small toy, nice perfume, some music to listen to… i find it really helpful to go outside during my breaks- luckily there is a small patch of grass next to the store i work, so i get to sit down somewhere nice, but i know tht’s not the case for everyone. either way i find tht contact w/the earth and outside world is very grounding for me.
  • epsom salts work really well for tired feet… u can buy them at the dollar store and some even have nice smells like lavender or eucalyptus. put abt a cup into a bucket/tub of warm water and soak :^)

thedirtydaisy asked:

Nose, hands, feet :)

Nose: favorite candle/perfume/fragrance?
answered, but there’s more: ozone, sweat (sometimes), chocolate, and wood fired pizza
Hands: am I an artist/writer?
Kinda? I love drawing and I love writing, but I’m not great at either nor do I do it often. Once in a while though, yes.
Feet: my favorite pair of shoes?
Barefoot! But if I have to choose a shoe, it’d be one with amazing arch support, because those feel awesome

Thank you so much!!!

i’m so mad, I went to the nike store to try on running shoes so I can order some that actually support my feet (my arches are high as fuck and as it turns out that’s not super great for running).  I didn’t buy the ones I wanted because I intended on customizing them into very flamboyant bi pride shoes, but they don’t allow customization of that style so I have to walk over there again

anonymous asked:

Lovely video! I was wondering how to get better arches/ pointing like you do??

Em, well I have heavy shoes that really support your arch, and I have strong arches so I have laces that go around my arches to pull them up. Just look up arch strengthening exercises on YouTube that’ll probably help, I’m no use asking! Thanks so much😊

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You need special shoes for hiking — and a bit of a special soul as well. –Terri Guillemets
That being said, you’ll go just as far as the shoes/boots you’re wearing will let you. While spending a fortune on a pair of hiking shoes/boots is not always needed, having a good pair of hiking shoes/boots when trekking is a must.
You first need to consider what you are going to do (type of activity) and when you are going to do it (time of year).
A good hiking boot or shoe provides firm support through the arch area (shank part of the shoe).
Some boots—and even shoes—straddle the range between light hiking, hiking and backpacking. Your hiking ambitions determine what footwear works best. If you routinely carry light loads, you should consider lighter footwear.
A pair of insoles could also make a huge difference on how your feet feel.
And lastly, try it before you buy it. Don’t be online shopping here unless you’ve tried the pair previously.
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