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I was wondering if you have guesses as to why in RICH "is you happy?" is used? It bothers me whenever I listen to the song; sticks out like a sore thumb. Had it been any other artist, I would think its a spelling mistake but it's Tablo here, its gotta be for a reason. At first I had the idea that perhaps it was a mockery towards asians and their tendencies to treat wealth as happiness (especially the verse with reference to passport & fashion) Or perhaps its emphasis fake monetary happiness?

Whoa, that’s a much deeper, more sophisticated analysis than my own; I simply thought it was just one of those ‘ghetto’ ways of speaking! But that’s an interesting perspective, and food for thought. If the grammatical error was an intentional one, I would have to agree that it alludes to the superficiality of happiness achieved through material means.

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I'm 17 and still live in a house with my parents who are pretty uptight when it comes to weed. I was wondering if you have any tips or ideas on where to hide weed? Normally I kept mine in a hollowed out book but they searched my room and found my stash. Any advice would be so appreciated love your blog btw :)

Maybe keep it in a sock roll and put it in your closet or in a shoebox in your closet. Anything that looks out of place is a bad idea


Sharing Things From My Special Shoebox

ok but hear me out

  • ushijima being really good with animals
  • he always used to find fallen baby birds or injured animals and took them home to care for them in separate shoeboxes lined up at the foot of his bed
  • his parents had no clue so one day when his mother went in to do laundry she’s met with half a zoo in her son’s bedroom
  • ushijima having a super green thumb
  • he won loads of science awards in elementary school and got really good grades because his tomatoes used to grow so well
  • he has window boxes of herbs and flowers
  • he’s able to identify most species of plants just by looking/feeling/smelling
  • he helps his mother with a vegetable patch
  • he ha S A DOG
  • HE IS A DOG PERSON?????!?!?!1/1/!?!?
  • he gets really happy and content around plants and animals
  • he was given a little potted tree as a birthday gift once and he ends up becoming really emotionally invested in it
  • green thumb ushijima constantly picking dirt from beneath his fingernails
  • has a shocking knowledge of herbal teas
  • stray animals tend to follow him to the point where his peers start to joke about it
  • green thumb ushijima
My Top Ten Book Boyfriends

I’ve seen the idea of ‘book boyfriends’ going around on twitter recently, and it’s such an excellent idea I couldn’t resist writing a list of mine. These are fictional characters who you would totally marry if they were real and available, like, no questions asked. Straight to the alter. So. Here are mine. Note: these aren’t all from YA books, but the ones that aren’t, are from books I loved as a teenager anyway.

10. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

The perfect example of a fixer-upper. Howl is messy and mopey and obsessed with his looks, to the extent that he has to be literally prodded into dealing with the Big Bad affecting the plot. He gets drunk and sulks and casts thunder spells on everything when a girl rejects him or something happens to his hair, and he’s the worst. It’s the best. Literally…. if you haven’t read the book or watched the film, do both immediately. Both versions of Howl are slightly different and they are both amazing. I can’t think of another male character like him, he’s ridiculous and brilliant and I would hate him if I met him irl, but in books, I want to read about him forever.

9. Levi from Fangirl

Levi! LEVI!!! Literally the perfect man. He has a farm. He wears plaid shirts. He worships Cath more than anything else. He has special starbucks drinks. GOD!!! [drawn out whine] LEVI.

8. The Cyberfox from Exodus

This is one of those books which is totally under-appreciated. It’s one of my absolute favourites, and it’s insanely well thought-out and unique. But, more importantly right now, the love interest is a fox. LITERALLY, A FOX. Mara goes exploring a long forgotten and abandoned internet world, which is kind of like a 3D Sims land, and she meets a fox avatar of another user who is also exploring these internet ruins. (I know it sounds weird….trust me, it makes sense in the book.) It takes the 'internet romance’ trope to a completely different level of amazing, and the cyberfox….GOD. GOD. (Yes, that’s all I’m going to be able to say about any of these choices, but can you blame me?!?)

7. Morpheus/Dream from Sandman

Ladies and gentleman, if you aren’t yet aware of Dream of the Endless, I have the profound pleasure of presenting to you the immortal babe and literal God, Morpheus. Sandman is a series of graphic novels written by none other than our lord and saviour Neil Gaiman. Dream is the God of Dreams, basically, but more importantly he’s A STONE COLD BABE. He’s very mysterious and ghostly, and he has a bit of a twisted sense of morality, but he always tries to do the right thing, even when faced with impossible choices. He changes and shifts his appearance a lot, but he always has the same dark hair and floaty cape thing going on. It’s a thing, and I love it.

6. Locke Lamora from The Gentlemen Bastards sequence

Okay, yes, most of my choices are very nice and sweet. But we all need a bad boy occasionally, and Locke is definitely that. Locke is leader of a pack of thieves. He is extremely witty and clever and dangerously naughty, and he is absolutely in love with his girl to the point of worship. He’s got everything. He’s probably another one of those guys who I’d hate in real life, but who needs real life when there’s fictional thieves, eh?

5. Remus Lupin from Harry Potter

My darling Remus. My love for him mainly originates from The Shoebox Project, which I still maintain is one of the greatest works of fiction I have ever read. He’s sweet and kindhearted and considerate, which a sarcastic side, and he’s a bit like Bruce Banner/the Hulk in that he is very clever and gentle and pacifist, but if he has to get in a fight he will destroy everyone else. Hnnnng.

4. Gansey from The Raven Cycle

This is a new addition to the list, who has immediately displaced whoever was in his place before. Gansey. GANSEY, GUYS. My one and only. My mental image of Gansey is literally Dylan O'Brien, which is superb. He’s obsessive about his interests, he worries a lot about upsetting people and actively tries to fix his stupid mistakes, he’s not afraid of admitting when he’s wrong, he cares about his friends more than anything, he’s literally described as “very classically handsome”, and he’s my darling. There are a lot (lot lot) of eligible gents in The Raven Cycle, but Gansey blows them all of the water imho. GANSEY.

3. Touchstone from Sabriel

Okay, this is a SFW blog, so I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but take a look at this, the first description of Touchstone, a paragraph taken from Sabriel:

That is … very, er, detailed. For a Young Adult novel, aimed at Young Adults. So. Erm. Hello, Touchstone. He is also a complete sweetheart, when he’s not made of wood and attracting the embarrassed gaze of the local necromancers. He worships Sabriel more than anything, and he is  kind and lovely and gentle but also killer with a blade. Perfect guy.

2. Prince Char from Ella Enchanted

I am a huge, huge fan of Char. So much, that he deserves a post all of his own. If there’s any one character who inspired Matt in The Next Together, it’s Char. As I’ve discussed in detail on tumblr, here are my reasons for loving this babe:

  1. he looks like hugh dancy
  2. he knows that no means no
  3. he gives pet centaurs to his crushes!!
  4. he slides down banisters
  5. hugh dancy
  6. he’s very diligent about being a good king, he takes his work SERIOUSLY.
  7. he really really likes ella.

He is another case of a love interest who worships their lady, so I’m sensing a theme here. I’m not going to say Matt worships Kate….but okay, he totally worships Kate, straight up. I’ve clearly honed my interests from a young age. Prince Char is short for 'Prince Charming’, so it’s no surprise he’s excellent, but for me he goes beyond just charming and into UTTER PERFECTION. He’s a genuinely lovely sweet guy. Ahhh, Char. CHAR.

1. Artemis Fowl

It’s a depressing but accurate fact that I have had a huge thing about Artemis Fowl since I was twelve years old. Yeah. These days it’s developed into more of an imaginary, grown up Artemis thing, which I have a lot of opinions about, as indicated by my late night tumblr posts:

i would give up a lot of things for a grown up artemis fowl novel. a flustered artemis fowl in college suddenly getting chatted up by tons of girls and boys who are ‘into nerds’. artemis fowl at a job interview having to actively stop himself being rude to the boss because he really wants that research grant. artemis fowl trying to cook a fancy meal to impress a first date and burning it because he gets distracted arguing with someone on reddit. artemis fowl reluctantly being Butler’s best man and giving an unexpectedly heartwarming speech that makes nearly everyone cry. artemis fowl mentoring a baby genius and shaking his head over what an idiot he used to be. artemis fowl. everything artemis fowl all the time. 

I can’t explain it, but there’s something about the super genius rich boy who gets to me. He’s got a lot of flaws, but he’s very aware of them and tries hard to fix them. He cares about his family and friends and has a lot of character development over the course of the series. If I could kidnap Eoin Colfer and persuade him to write a grown-up Artemis spin off, Misery style, I would. GIVE IT ME.   


 So, those are my top ten book boyfriends. Writing this, I sensed a lot of common themes which are evident in my character Matt in The Next Together. He’s a mix of all of these (expect maybe Locke Lamora, who he is definitely not). I hope he comes across as just as devastating as some of these lovely boys.

I really enjoyed writing this, so there may well be a list of my Book Girlfriends coming up, though I’m not sure I could limit that list to just ten.

The Next Together will be published on 3rd September. You can read the first chapter here.

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It’s been a little over a month since you left. That day was cold, and dark. I had been crying for days. It’s now a new month, spring has begun. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, opened my curtains and my windows. My apartment shows no signs of you anymore. Your letters are hidden among a shoebox under my bed. It’s warm out, I can hear kids playing outside. Laughter. Today has been a good day, who knows if tomorrow will be. I’m hoping so. I’ve figured out that you cannot get over your first love. You will miss them the rest of your life, or so it seems. I know I wasn’t your first love, I know I wasn’t much of anything, but I hope you don’t forget me. I hope that when you open your curtains and the sun shines through, you’ll think of me. “The girl who fought for me.”
—  I waited for 857 days. I think I’ve suffered long enough.

it sort of bothers me a lot that since the wolfstar fandom got bigger, people seem to understand the characters less and less. 

i remember when i found fics like casting moonshadows and the shoebox project back in high school and the writing and characterisation were so good and in depth, but i had nobody to obsess over it with and i would have killed for a fandom like this back then. i guess i got my wish, and it makes me happy seeing wolfstar on my dash a lot more these days, but people write them as being generic modern day hipster gay kids and don’t even consider the chronological implications like the culture at the time or how society’s attitudes to sexuality were different… fucking hell. 

i used to love the trope of sirius being a bottom/submissive due to remus’ lycanthropy making him stronger than he appears, but then people just forgot the reasoning behind it and playing sirius off as this weak little whiny corrupted pureblood baby. come on guys.. you’ve read the books. he’s loud and obnoxious and stands up to people and is defensive of his loved ones and utterly opposed to pureblood ideas. write him as a sub if you like, i’m down with that.. but don’t make him insufferably quiet and innocent. that’s not my sirius.

also, the marauders went to school in the 70′s.. they’re not going to be listening to fucking arctic monkeys or twenty one pilots, calm your tits. i adore that kind of thing if it’s specifically a modern day au, but if it’s not supposed to be then it just sort of makes my heart sink. i wish it didn’t make up 90% of the marauders/wolfstar fandom… 

sugar tip:

If your SD doesn’t like giving you your cash allowance in public, or feels awkward about it, tell him to tuck it inside a present! A shoebox, a new wallet, a handbag, or the bag that the jeweller put your gift in. This way, you not only get your allowance in a smart, discrete and safe manner, but you also get a cool present.

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I saw you read text talk.. is there any other wolf star fan fictions like that one that you could recommend? it was sooo good

FRIEND i hope it’s okay if i post this publicly b/c i have a lot of love to give to wolfstar fic!!

well first off, the author of text talk teamed up with a friend to write another text fic , and it’s just as wonderful. it’s called “kik!rs” and is on tumblr in “parts” but they’re working on putting it on ao3. here’s the link to the most recent part (but start at part 1 obvs)

Our Blood, Still Young by templeg is a get-together fic at hogwarts, and it’s one of my favourite wolfstar fics ever. 

there’s also Long Live Living (If Living Can Be This) by excaliburned which is a modern au and brilliant and long and yay.

literally anything by xylodemon gosh

Latte Art by imparfait and Of Cinema and Sticky Notes by bluepeony are both really lovely modern au’s as well..

also shameless self promo but i also wrote a modern roadtrip wolfstar fic if you’re interested hahah

I guess these are all pretty well known fics? (but they’re well-known for a reason!!) so if you’ve read all of these already let me know lol and i’ll do some digging. most of these authors usually have more wolfstar fic on their accounts, or have favourited other wolfstar fic too, so that’s a good place to start!

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okay, so i've read "text talk" "shoebox" and "cure for nightmares." are there any other fandom classics i should deffo read? also have you read "a door through the world?" do you recommend it?

“Fandom classic” can be more of a subjective category, and I’m probably forgetting some, but these are the ones that I personally consider fandom classics.

As for The Door Through the World, I haven’t read it yet. I’ve wanted to read it for a while, but it’s a pretty long fic and I don’t really have the time to dedicate to it at the moment. I have read some of Amuly’s other fics though and I loved them, so I have no doubt I’d love this one too. It’s another famous fic that lots of people like, so I would say definitely read it. 

  • Matt finding a little baby abandoned on the streets and bringing it back to Nelson & Murdock
  • The only thing he, Karen, and Foggy can find to put the baby in to keep it warm and safe is a shoebox lined with one of Matt’s shirts
  • Foggy running out to get baby food and diapers and calling the office every couple of minutes asking which brand is best while Karen dutifully researches them online and informs him properly
  • Matt naming the baby after the street he found it on
  • Matt trying to describe the way babies smell and finding immense joy in the feel of tiny hands grasping his fingers
  • Foggy quietly singing the baby to sleep after Matt and Karen have passed out from exhaustion
  • Karen figuring out who the baby belongs to after days of searching and contacting the parents
  • Matt having to pry the baby away from a teary Foggy and then just holding onto it until Karen prompts him to give it back to its parents
  • The shoebox being kept in a safe place in case of future “baby emergencies”