A Sad Race

Flying through all of time and space,
Theres a man with a sad look on his face.
He is always running through the cosmos,
Making friends, and vanquishing foes.
But the real reason he runs is sadder indeed,
Because he is missing something he desperately needs.
His Rose is gone, and Martha too,
And Donna is wondering Doctor, Doctor Who?
Both of his lovely Ponds are gone,
And lately he hasn’t even seen his lovely Song.
But he’s found someone new,
But he doesn’t know what to do.
Because she’s an impossible girl,
Who’s story has yet to unfurl.
So the doctor goes on with that sad face,
Running this crazy race.
Because the finish line is ahead,
Where his name might finally be said.
So keep calm, don’t blink,
And try not to over think.