Shocker’s deadly scheme is thwarted.

A commission by Steve Lieber (artist on Superior Foes of Spider-Man) for someone at Denver Comic Con. Thank you, random person, for enriching us all in this way!

I hung out with Steve last DCC for all three days when volunteering there fell through. You won’t meet a nicer guy, and I find myself getting nostalgic. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year, but at the same time, so much has happened. Two years ago I’d been let go from my lab and kind of felt like my life was ending. Since then, I’ve found a new set of passions, written for Comics Alliance, hosted panels, and met a whole bunch of people, both online and in person. And I owe it all to comics, particularly the Thunderbolts. So, cheers.


Turning off anon because I got a real inappropriate message last night–to the jackass that wrote that, congrats! You ruined it for everyone! Learn some freaking respect for women, you piece of garbage! Kindly unfollow me and may your dick shrivel every time you speak to a woman like that again. 

To the rest of you, sorry for the inconvenience. On the whole I have gotten very few unsavory anon messages, but I don’t wish to receive any more like that one. Carry on with your scheduled holidays, you special snowflakes.

marvel comics meme: four/eight teams → Sinister Six

So what do we got, you ask? Well, let’s see– there’s the pretty boy driver– Overdrive. A pretty girl thief– Beetle. The new one. An advance guy who specializes in being the pain in the butt… in a room full of pains in the butt. Speed Demon. Obviously. Oh, right. And a coward. You always gotta have one of those. Thanks, Shocker. Together, we’re the new Sinister Six. And yes, I am aware there are only five of us, thank you.