Interview with the Makers of Outkasts of Jupiter

Interview with the Makers of Outkasts of Jupiter #africancomics

It has been a while since we last caught up with Shofela Coker. Tell us about the Coker CoOp.

Coker CoOp is simply my brother, my sister and I, pulling our professional and personal resources together to create ideas we’ve dreamed of since childhood with the aim of sharing that vision with the rest of the world.

“Mummy’s an artist, Daddy’s an artist… we were destined to be poor, and thus, needy.”

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fyeahlilbit3point0 asked:


1. I discovered fanfiction when I first started using the internet - back when I was ten or so. I was searching the web for DragonBallZ stuff, and I stumbled across fic. The idea of writing your own stories with the characters and worlds of fiction you loved had never occurred to me and it was a glorious revelation.

(This was also how I discovered porn.)

2. …I gave this one away, huh? DBZ. Said porn was Vegeta/Goku, actually, and I was intrigued by the idea so I kept reading and reading and eventually it was my favourite ship. Trunks/Goten and Bulma/ChiChi vied for top place, though.

4. Hmm. I adore AUs in general, so this is tough.

I think I enjoy “what if” scenarios the most. I love exploring how different decisions, different events, can change lives, and how that ripples outwards. Generally the darker the better, but I’ve enjoyed stories that go in happier directions.

I like a good spectrum slide but I’m picky about it. 

I’ve recently discovered the delight of writing high school AU (sort of). I’ve enjoyed it before, but never really written it beyond bits and pieces and it’s really fun.

Ooh! And I love post-apocalyptic AUs, because I love post-apocalyptic anything.

12 Beast, Vol. 1

12 Beast, Vol. 1

By Okayado. Released in Japan by Fujimi Shobo, serialization ongoing in the magazine Dragon Age. Released in North America by Seven Seas.

When something sells, it makes perfect business sense to get 5 other things that are similar to that thing. This tends to irritate a certain type of reader, but it’s true. This is why I joke about the newest vampire manga being licensed all the time – vampire…

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