sho homeland

Carrie returns home to Washington in a soapy and lethargic finale.

Where the hell was Khan? The writers spend half a season building up this character, his relationship with Carrie and his conflicted position with the ISI, and have him play a key role in the cliffhanger that ended episode 11… Then cue episode 12, and he’s nowhere to be seen? I guess he’s gone to the same Homeland Neverland as Virgil, Mike, Jess, Dana, Chris and all the other characters who weren’t actually written out, but just dropped like stones. Ugh. 


I'm SO done with CarriexQuinn shippers who shit on Aasarrie shippers/Khan stans.

Are you really so mad that not everybody ships Carrie and Quinn?

I don’t get why you need to make us feel wrong/crazy or not true Homeland stans just because we like and support this ship/character.

I don’t get why fangirling over QuinnxCarrie is allowed but fangirling over Aasarrie or Khan is wrong and even disrespectful (of what?!) I see the same amount and type of fangirling from both sides but only Aasarrie shippers are labeled just like little girls who watch the show like it was a romantic comedy #hypocrisy. Where is it written that we must ship Carrie with Quinn or we’re wrong and that they’re the one true couple of the show? Guess what, it isn’t written. 

Please show some respect, open-mindedness and understanding even in these little things. 

Ps: I know that not all CarriexQuinn shippers are like that and I do not hate Quinn or the couple at all. I love Peter and I shipped Carrie and Quinn in the past so don’t even go there. 

I’m sorry for all the possible mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.