So I’ve been thinking a lot about beauty lately: About the marketing industry, about all of the double standards placed upon us, about striving for perfection that we will never achieve. And I decided that I need to take those things that I am uncomfortable about and take away their negative stigma. This is a picture of me a couple of months ago, and it highlights what I think of as my worst feature; my nose. My nose is big and has a bump in it. But I’m not going to let beauty ideals say that I should hate my face just because I have a feature on it that defies unrealistic beauty conventions. In highlighting what I believe to be a flaw I think I am facing my fear—nobody wants to point out what they don’t like about themselves. I realize that most people probably wouldn’t even see anything wrong with my nose, and the fact that I do is upsetting on many levels.I don’t like my nose, and I should have no problem with it. In the future I will learn to love it.This is my face, now deal with it.

I’m not posting this for anyone except for myself.