I dont know how else to say this, but no. I suppose theres “fuck no”, or “fuck you”. 

This has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now, I was going to render it out more but I just honestly lost my drive to work on this piece. Don’t get me wrong I am exceptionally proud of what I did get done here, this is probably my best digital rendering to date, but it’s time to be inspired and focus on other things!

So here, have my favourite pirate! (even though he doesn’t consider himself one… yet)

rant things
  1. so i meet this guy and I made plans for 4 thursdays ago to see a showing of pulp fiction at the local movie theatre. ok cool. however before thursday he tries to make additional plans with me for that tuesday. and then i never answer his texts again. i wasn’t really into him in the first place but i was like he seems nice why not, and then before either of us can even begin to decide if we like being around each other he goes ahead and tries to make more plans with me. this kinda scared me off and is the reason i never answered. i know i shouldn’t be complaining about a guy wanting to see me, i feel like a dick. the same thing is happening again with someone else and i don’t want to be a dick but why are these guys so thirsty
  2. I’m taking a “topics in human bio” course. its a 400 level which usually means its going to be interesting and small and yadda yadda. out of all the things this professor could have chosen from under the umbrella of human bio, this lady chooses PRIMATES. not even focussing on something interesting or relevant about primates like “growth and development of primates and how it compares to human growth and development” NO we are learning about ALL of the primates, extinct and extant. so boring and so much memorization about all the monkeys and apes that ever existed. i sound like a whiney brat oh boo hoo i have to take a course i’m not interested in. meh. 

anonymous asked:

Could you spill all the tea you have for shmegeh? Or as much as you can without compromising your sources identities. Idk she just used to really trigger me (for multiple things) and I feel like if I know to what extent her posts were exaggerated or even just lies would help. But if you can't because of your sources i understand.

I’ll spill some tea but my sources stay absolutely anon:

Shmegs has admitted to purposely posing and altering her clothing to make her look thinner. She loves the attention and knows she triggers her fans and doesn’t care. She also literally forced herself to be an alcoholic (started drinking every day for the sole purpose of having another issue) in order to seem more tragic.

Also when all that went down in Florida she was baker acted (like a 51/50 psychiatric hold) which is the only reason she didn’t go to jail because her parents begged for her gf not to press charges so she didn’t and they determined that she needed treatment for her ed and when she refused to participate they kicked her out hoping that if she had nowhere to go she’d come back. Instead that day she had mommy and daddy buy her a plane ticket home. So all that “help me I’m homeless in Florida and I’m a fugitive of the law on the run” shit was total bull and she was actually sitting at her parents house totally safe and fine. She’s also drained her parents financially because she can’t behave like a functioning adult because she’d literally rather be worshiped for her disorder than get help (or at least at that point)

I’ve been accepted into the course!

All in one day, which has been pretty amazing. I found a course I liked in hopes to maybe learn a few new things and expand on my art. Only a month long, nothing that seems too daunting and shouldn’t consume more time than I am able to give with my job! If all goes well I might look into something more in the future but for right now I think this will probably be all that I need to get me in the direction that I want to go.

But seriously this place is on top of their shit. They contacted me the same day that I applied, even called me to see if I needed any help with anything, and got everything ready to go. Now I just need to wait for them to give me my login information and all that jazz so I can do the online courses when the time comes.

It doesn’t start until July (two days after my birthday actually) but I am pretty excited about doing this for myself!

Good things are happening this year!

Just ordered this 2015/2016 18-month planner!

I haven’t been in need of one of these since college, but if I am going to be applying for online courses, taking up running, hoping to still have time to play video games and see my boyfriend… I am seriously going to need something to help me keep everything sorted out.

Plus I’d like to start commissions at some point as well!

Continuing on my path to make this year the start of big new things and keeping productive!